Cisco agrees to buy BroadWare; AT&T pitches security service for IP VPNs

Cisco agrees to buy BroadWare for video security

Cisco announced an agreement to buy software maker BroadWare Technologies in a bid to improve its video surveillance product offerings, the company said.

Why Argonne has pulled the plug on VoIP - for now

Scott Pinkerton has more than 25 years of IT experience, including more than a dozen with Argonne National Laboratory, where he currently serves as network services manager.

AT&T pitches security service for IP VPNs

AT&T says it’s rolling out a new service that promises to add a heightened level of security to all of its IP-based VPN services.

The 10 largest U.S. telecom carrier mergers/acquisitionsWhat Alltel's $27.5 billion buyout means to the wireless carrier - and you.

The $27.5 billion acquisition of Alltel by TPG and Goldman Sachs this week ranks among the 10 largest transactions among U.S. carriers over the past 10 years. Here are the other nine. Plus:

Japan military data leak wider than previously thought

Investigators in Japan looking into the leak of data relating to the Aegis missile defense system have discovered other sensitive U.S. military information has been leaked, Japan's Kyodo News reported on Tuesday.

Three vendors spotlight 11n wireless LANs for the enterprise

Three wireless LAN vendors are unveiling at Interop Las Vegas this week enterprise access points that will offer 100Mbps to 200Mbps throughput, shared among the Wi-Fi clients that connect to it.

3Com launches security boxes for SMBs

3Com is introducing unified threat management gear for small and midsize enterprises at the Interop show this week. The gear is aimed at customers who want 3Com's TippingPoint security technology, but at a lower scale and price point than has been previously offered, the vendor says.

Supreme Court ends Baby Bell antitrust suit

The U.S. Supreme Court Monday said that similar business practices by local telephone companies did not constitute monopolistic activity, ending an antitrust lawsuit.

Citrix extends WAN optimization to laptops

Citrix is announcing software at Interop Las Vegas this week designed to speed up traffic between individual computers and corporate sites using its WAN acceleration appliances on only one end of the connection.

Adtran router boasts Layer 3, Wi-Fi support

Adtran this week is announcing an access router that costs the same as one of its current models but includes the additional features of Layer 3 switching, Wi-Fi support and faster processing.

What you need to know about 4G

If you’re wondering what fourth-generation wireless deployments and services mean to you, you’re not alone.

People click on the darndest things

Proof that users will click on virtually anything - behavior that hackers depend on - has been laid out by a researcher, whose Google ad touted instant infection. More than 400 clicked through.


Interop 2007 preview: NAC, 802.11n, 10G and moreInterop 2007, the big networking confab, is taking place May 21 through May 24, 2007 in Las Vegas with a bevy of new products and technologies. In this special edition of Network World Panorama, the editors tell you who is making news and what to look out for at the show particularly in the areas of security, wireless LANs, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Management and the popular iLabs demonstrations. (12:07)


Buzzblog: 'Click-to-get-infected ad' a test … but of what?

Everybody's laughing at the 409 people who clicked on that ad promising to infect their PCs. The ad, brainchild of a security researcher, was a test, all right. But exactly what was it measuring? Security savvy, or lack thereof, is the obvious answer. But what about curiosity, courage, and, dare I say it, faith in almighty Google?

Cisco: The end of a religion?Dave Barry, vice president at AlterPoint, in his blog likens Cisco to a religion whose popularity is waning.

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