Products of the week 8.12.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as VMware and Metalogix

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Verivo Akula

Product name: Verivo Akula

Pricing: 30 Day Free Trial

  • Start Developing Akula-enabled apps at $5,000/year
  • Pilot or Proof of Concept starting at $15,000/year
  • Small Deployment starting at $30,000/year
  • Standard Deployment starting at $60,000/year

Key features: is an enterprise mobile app platform that’s designed to simplify the complexities of building, securing and controlling custom enterprise mobile apps. More info.

Metalogix StoragePoint Express

Product name: StoragePoint Express

Key features: is the first product with integrated SharePoint storage, backup and recovery capabilities. Access all features through a single user interface within the SharePoint Central Administration. More info.

Quarri Protect On Q 3.2

Product name - Quarri Protect on Q 3.2

Key features - enables organizations to address external/internal data threats, and unauthorized use and replication of confidential data. More info.

Good for Enterprise

Product name: Good for Enterprise

Key features: Businesses can securely manage data and devices, and accelerate day one employee productivity with secure email, calendar information, contact details, document data and browser access for $5 per user, per month. More info.

Niagara 510

Product name: Niagara 510

Key features: can handle up to 40Gbps of high-speed network traffic for intelligent network acceleration and application offload for applications such as storage, security, DDoS, deep packet inspection (DPI), Firewall, and WAN Optimization. More info.

Globanet Merge1 Version 5.0

Product Name: Globanet Merge1 Version 5.0

Key Features:  Message capturing platform meets compliance and e-discovery requirements by consolidating data types into one archiving solution. Version 5.0 adds data capture from Reuters to compliment Social Media, Bloomberg and the other connectors. More info.

Compound business rules for ReputationManager 360

Product name: Compound business rules for ReputationManager 360

Key features:  Compound business rules enables the combination of several fraud indicators. For example, it can trigger a review if a transaction originates from outside the U.S. and a new device. More info.

Privilege Guard 3.8

Product name: Privilege Guard 3.8

Key features: introduces industry-first security features into the privilege management arena, including remote PowerShell Control, which provides systems administrators with flexible and secure management over desktops and servers. More info.

VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5

Product name: VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5

Key features: simplifies enterprise mobile management by offering integrated Android device and aggregated workspace management, support for mobile applications and Oracle database, and a new policy engine. More info.

Dimension Data Cloud Backup

Product name: Dimension Data Cloud Backup

Key features: Offered in three classes (Essentials, Advanced and Enterprise), Dimension Data’s Cloud Backup is an optional backup/recovery service available as an add-on to the enterprise-class Public/Private/Hosted Private (CaaS) offering. More info.

Simple Online Visualization Engine (S.O.L.V.E.) 2.0

Product name: Simple Online Visualization Engine (S.O.L.V.E.) 2.0

Key features: SOLVE is a visualization, reporting, analytics and tuning tool that provides you with data about top threats and arms you with the necessary intelligence to refine detection and prevention policies. More info.


Product name: The GRID

Key features: The updated GRID, Media Temple’s flagship web hosting platform, now makes websites up to 6x faster. New features include PHP FastCGI, PageSpeed, PHP 5.5, managed backup and restoration, and CloudFare. More info.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Architecting for AWS

Product name: AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Architecting for AWS

Pricing: Available as part of a subscription, which includes access to more than 200 additional training series. Individual subscriptions start at $99 per month/$99 per year. Corporate subscriptions start at $1,499/year for 1 shared license.

Key features: This video training series covers how to deploy a highly-available, cost-effective, automatically-scaling AWS solution. With the companion “Foundations” series, viewers can prepare for the associate-level AWS CSA certification. More info.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Product name: Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) 

Key features: features onsite storage capacity up to 9TB, expandable offsite storage with no per-GB pricing, offsite replication, easy image-based restores, remote and local failover server virtualization, live bare metal restores; software, server and disaster testing, 256-bit AES encryption, and centralized reporting and alerting. More info.