Backup tools you can’t live without; Cisco, RSA to debut SAN-based data encryption

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The new backup tools you can’t live without, 05/21/07:  Spun off from the broader storage-resource management market, these tools monitor and report on backups across multiple vendors' backup products. In doing so, they can ease the auditing process.

Cisco, RSA to debut SAN-based data encryption, 05/22/07:  Cisco and RSA are expected to announce Wednesday that they are working together to deliver encryption products for data at rest on tape, disk and other media.

Hitachi releases speedy, bigger array, 05/22/07:  Hitachi Data Systems last week set out to prove that bigger and faster is better with the launch of a refreshed storage system.

ArcMail releases 12TB e-mail archiving appliance, 05/22/07:  E-mail archiving and management vendor ArcMail Tuesday released a version of its network appliance that provides 12TB of storage.

How to save millions (vs. thousands) through optimization, 05/21/07:  While it's undoubtedly invaluable, technology often offers only part of the solution to storage optimization. "If you don't know how to drive and you're driving a broken car, buying a new car will not fix your problem [of not knowing how to drive a car]," says Ashish Nadkani, principal consultant with GlassHouse Technologies, an enterprise-storage consulting firm.

Virtualization tames the storage beast for a veterinary school, 05/21/07:  When it comes to flexible enterprise storage, the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine doesn't horse around. Over the last six months, the college has been putting its 7TB storage area network through its paces, using it for nearline backup and primary storage, and has this insight to share: Storage virtualization is the cat's meow.

Why virtualization is cool, 05/21/07:  Venture capitalist Ann Winblad, one of Network World’s 50 most powerful people in networking, is widely respected for her business

Green storage means money saved on power, 05/21/07:  In a perfect world, you easily could rein in the rapidly increasing amount of power that storage systems consume just by telling users to stop stockpiling data. In the real world, you'd lose your job for suggesting that.

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