Products of the week 8.6.12

Our roundup of intriguing new products, including Citrix, BeyondTrust, and Barracuda Networks

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Alteryx Strategic Analytics – Communications Edition

Product name: Alteryx Strategic Analytics – Communications Edition

Key features: Allows communications service providers to bring internal business and technical data, plus integrated demographic, firmographic, and infrastructure data, into a common analytics environment. More info.

Barracuda Web Filter

Product Name: Barracuda Web Filter

Key features: The Barracuda Web Filter is an integrated content filtering, application blocking and malware protection solution that includes features like social media regulation, monitoring and archiving with SSL traffic inspection capabilities. More info.

Retina CS 3.5

Product name: Retina CS 3.5

Key features: With Retina CS 3.5, BeyondTrust allows users to easily and efficiently visualize the before and after effects of remediation recommendations. This is made possible by Retina CS’s advanced reporting engine, Retina Insight, which provides additional multi-tenant reporting capabilities, expanded heat map functionality and integration of heat maps into the threat analyzer interface. More info.

Citrix CloudGateway 2

Product name: Citrix CloudGateway 2

Key features: CloudGateway 2 features new MDX mobile experience technology, which enables centralized management, security and control over native iOS, Android and HTML 5 apps across more than 2 billion mobile devices. More info.


Product name: ReputationWatch

Key features: ReputationWatch identifies in real time known malicious entities and blocks access to “bad” IP addresses on-the-fly based on reputation or geographic origin to dynamically stop DDoS attacks and other malicious activity. More info.

ACI Platform

Product name: ACI Platform

Key features: The ACI Platform is the first actionable intelligence platform that identifies risk across your systems and recommends the optimal countermeasures, allowing semi and fully automated workflow to initiate the specific remedies. It integrates seamlessly across third-party security management tools such as security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, reducing the need for manual involvement and improving response time in mitigating risks. More info.


Product name: Enigma

Key features: The Enigma module is a USB encryption solution designed to provide consumers and enterprises with real-time full disk encryption for any USB mass storage class drive. More info.

Product name: Good Dynamics

Key features: Good Dynamics is a mobile application platform that makes building secure mobile apps faster, cheaper and easier to deploy and manage for iOS and Android devices. The platform also allows users to create and modify specific application policies, extending application security and management functionality. More info.

Good Dynamics AppKinetics

Product name: Good Dynamics AppKinetics

Key features: Good’s AppKinetics technology allows developers to secure data both within and between applications, ensuring that sensitive information never leaves a secure ‘container’ environment. With this technology, employees can now safely move between trusted business productivity applications with a single sign-on to get their jobs done more effectively. More info.

Ecosystem of Good Dynamics Partner Apps

Product name: Ecosystem of Good Dynamics Partner Apps

Key features: Good also unveiled eight new additions to its Good Dynamics ecosystem of third-party enterprise apps in the areas of business intelligence, collaboration, document editing and printing, file storage/content management, and mobile application development platforms. These apps help create a broader secure ecosystem of enterprise applications that employees can use to securely connect and collaborate. More info.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Product name: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Key features: Good’s enhanced EMM solution can be used to centrally govern personally-owned and corporate-issued mobile devices as well as internally developed and third-party applications from a single, Web-based management platform. More info.

mobilEcho 4.0

Product name: mobilEcho 4.0

Key features: mobilEcho 4.0 offers full integration with SharePoint and access to enterprise servers and Network Attached Storage on mobile devices; enhanced security settings; and improved management for high user volume. More info.


Product name: 3PAR P10000 with all solid-state storage

Key features: The rapid data access provided by solid-state technology should boost transfer rates for these storage servers. More info.

PacketFence 3.5.0

Product name: PacketFence 3.5.0

Key features: This free and open-source network access control product now boasts a web-based control panel and support for additional hardware from Netgear and Cisco. More info.

OpenWells Mobile for Workovers

Product name: OpenWells Mobile for Workovers

Key features: OpenWells Mobile for Workovers provides streamlined data-input and access and allows users to easily manage and integrate mobile data through an iPad app directly integrated with their company’s database. More info.

Applications Manager 10.6 for Ruby on Rails

Product name: Applications Manager 10.6 for Ruby on Rails

Key features: Applications Manager 10.6 monitors applications running on Ruby on Rails environments, as well as measures user satisfaction of critical web applications, captures transaction traces and views performance metrics of Ruby components. More info.

Firewall Analyzer 7.4

Product name: Firewall Analyzer 7.4

Key features: Firewall Analyzer 7.4 now features IP flow information export with extensions, a dedicated compliance section, user-group VPN reports, and application reports for more firewalls. More info.

Nimble Scale-to-Fit

Product name: Nimble Scale-to-Fit

Key features: Nimble Scale-to-Fit enables customers to scale their storage meeting exact capacity and performance needs of applications, future-proofing their investment, and scaling operations at the lowest incremental cost. More info.

vOPS Server Explorer 5.1

Product name: vOPS Server Explorer 5.1

Key features: vOPS Server Explorer adds a new module, Environment Explorer, which displays vital information at a glance and provides performance, inefficiency and capacity management data to VM administrators. More info.

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