Products of the week 6.18.12

Our roundup of intriguing new products

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Product Name: Customer Experience Analytics Version 6.4

Key features: This updated version of the company's customer behavior recognition engine enables organizations to analyze data from all customer touch points and provides a road map of each customer's journey for increased customer satisfaction and improved revenue. More info.

Product name: KPI Builder App

Key features: KPI Builder is an Operational Intelligence app that enables business users to build, monitor and gain insight into their organization’s KPIs in minutes, share these insights and take informed action. More info.

Product name: Imation RDX Media Secure with CyberSafe Pro Security Technology

Key features: Imation introduces the first RDX media with built-in encryption and cryptographic erase capability. RDX Media Secure is an ideal solution for backup and recovery, data archiving and data shuttling. Activated through a one-time software driver installation, all data written to the RDX media is automatically encrypted. Businesses that use Imation RDX Media Secure can easily manage data security and safely restore content. More info.

Product name: Xsuite Cloud for Amazon Web Services

Key features: Xsuite Cloud is the only privileged identity and access management solution designed for Amazon Web Services. It enables organizations to mitigate the risks that privileged users pose to networks. More info.

Product name: PathView Cloud with FlowView Intelligent Application Visibility

Key features: Enhanced with Intelligent Application Visibility and breakthrough netflow traffic analysis capabilities PathView with FlowView offers the easiest, most in-depth view of application traffic and causes of network performance problems. More info.

Product name – VN-Tag Stripping and Filtering

Key features – VSS Monitoring now supports virtual network tag (VN-Tag) stripping and filtering, enabling enterprises to have dynamic access, selective visibility, and management of all packets across physical and virtual environments. More info.

Product name: AirWatch 6.1

Pricing: SaaS pricing starts at a $4 per month per device. Appliance pricing starts at a one-time fee of $5,000 for the hardware and includes a one-year warranty. On-premise pricing starts at a one-time fee of $50 per device.

Key features: The OS X management release includes MDM capabilities for web-based enrollment; commands to remotely lock and wipe devices; and device and application list query. More info.

Product name: HDMI / HDMI Micro to VGA Adapter Converter - HDMI Tablet to Monitor

Key features: enables users to connect an HDMI or HDMI Micro-equipped mobile device, such as a tablet computer or Smartphone to a VGA display or projector. The adapter provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative for users who need to integrate their mobile multimedia source to existing display devices, eliminating the expense of equipment upgrades. More info. 

Product Name: PAS 5.0

Key features: Upgrades to this virtualized storage solution enables large scale enterprises and cloud service providers to recover any application instantly for up to 90% less cost. More info.

Product Name: PCmover Enterprise Edition 3

Key features: PCmover Enterprise Edition allows IT personnel to easily and automatically migrate installed software, user profiles, settings and data to a new PC without any hardware or operating system limitations with complete control. More info.

Product name: DatAnywhere

Key features: Extends the usability of corporate file sharing infrastructure so that traditional file servers and NAS devices behave like cloud-based file synchronization services. More info.

Product name: EnergySTEP Data Center Assessment

Pricing: EnergySTEP 1, Schneider Electric’s entry-level offering, is priced at $1450 up to $7,500 sq. ft. EnergySTEP Data Center Assessment encompasses five independent tools that can be used together or individually, with the pricing varying based on the size and the complexity of the data center, as well as the specific assessment options chosen. The price ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. 

Key features: The EnergySTEP Data Center Assessment is a detailed, customizable assessment of the power, cooling, physical infrastructure and operational efficiencies of a data center allowing managers to benchmark the performance of their facility against industry standards. More info.

Product name: Cloud Experience Manager

Key features: Cloud Experience Manager delivers immediate insight into cloud networks, providing complete service visibility. It enables network managers to anticipate, isolate and remediate IP service issues before they become end-user problems. More info.

Product name: ClickTale Mobile Beta

Key features: ClickTale Mobile’s beta enables businesses to view their mobile customers’ true-to-life browsing experience, from aggregated views to playable videos of individual sessions, enhancing mobile usability, customer satisfaction and online ROI. More info.

Product name - Sanbolic Melio AppCluster

Key features - Sanbolic AppCluster, a Microsoft SQL Server specific module within its Melio software, extends the agility, high availability, and scalability of SQL Server workloads across physical, virtualized, and now – both private and public cloud environments. More info.

Product name: Information Superiority for the Mobile Enterprise with FireSIGHT and FireAMP Mobile

Pricing: FireSIGHT, licensed through Sourcefire’s Defense Center management console, starts at $2,995 for a 2,000-node host deployment. FireAMP Mobile starts at $30 per subscription annually

Key features: Combination of FireSIGHT and FireAMP Mobile delivers visibility and control to protect against threats that result from mobility and BYOD challenges. More info.

Product name: Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition

Key features: Employees, partners, and customers can read and send Voltage encrypted email on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones – with a simple native user experience, and advanced mobile policy control by IT. More info.

Product name: Kony Mobile App Manager, a Mobile Application Management product

Key features: Kony's new Mobile App Manager is a customizable mobile application management solution for provisioning, updating and managing a wide array of mobile apps (both B2E and B2C) for all devices and across all channels including HTML5. Kony's Mobile App Manager also features a secure mobile app container, centralized web-based management console, enterprise app store and complete support for MDM software.

Product name: DataStax Enterprise 2.1

Key features: DSE 2.1 is the first complete big data solution designed to manage OLTP, analytic, and enterprise search data, all in the same database cluster. Now supports Mahout and Oracle Unbreakable Linux. More info.

Pricing: free for non-production environments, starts around $5,500 / node for production, and start-up programs are available.