10 Geeky Ties for Father’s Day

Back in the day, getting or giving ties on Father’s Day was sort of a tradition. With so many companies now not requiring formal ties for their employees, the days of getting a tie as a gift (besides being a bit lame and boring) aren’t as popular as they once were. But now, with custom sites and some creativity, some really interesting ties are coming out that you can still give or receive on Father’s Day. Here’s a bunch of our favorite ties for the geek Dad on your list.

Circuit Board Tie 

Because we all want to know what’s on the inside of things.

Math equations necktie 

Can’t remember the quadratic equation? Look down on your tie for the answer!

Power Tie 

Back in the ‘90s, the solid red tie was thought of as “the power tie”. Now it’s just this one, showing where the real power is.

Bacon Tie 

Because everything is better with bacon, even neckwear.

Pi Tie

Acceptable neckwear on March 14, as well as for math teachers every day.


The tie isn’t bigger on the inside, and you might be able to get a bow-tie version, too, because as we know, “bow ties are cool.”

Cable Tie 

For the Dad who never graduated from AV Club, or one obsessed with the latest home theater setup, give them this tie that will remind them of their favorite input jacks.

Tron Light Bike Tie 

Just be sure not to cross the line when wearing this tie.

Spider-Man Tie 

This one may only work if you’re really confident in your ability to pull this off, or if you’ve just been bitten by a radioactive spider.