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Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as ADTRAN and IBM

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Product name – kiteworks

Key features – The updated version of kiteworks offers more security and flexibility for users handling sensitive corporate information with its mobile and user-friendly, integrated digital rights management (DRM) features. More info.

NetVanta 6360 Carrier Ethernet Customer Edge IP Business Gateway

Product name: NetVanta 6360 Carrier Ethernet Customer Edge IP Business Gateway

Key features: The first business gateway to collapse functionality for business-class voice, data services and Carrier Ethernet into a single, optimized platform. It reduces infrastructure and OPEX to streamline business services delivery. More info.

Security Solutions Suite for Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Product name: Security Solutions Suite for Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Key features: Delivers network, system and application security for workloads on Microsoft Azure public cloud, to fulfill customer security and compliance requirements with a single solution across cloud and hybrid IT environments. More info.

AlgoSec Security Management Suite v6.6

Product name: AlgoSec Security Management Suite v6.6

Key features: The latest version of the AlgoSec Suite enables organizations to define and continuously enforce security zoning policies for improved protection against cyber-attack propagation. More info.

APV3600 and APV3650 Application Delivery Controllers

Product name: APV3600 and APV3650 Application Delivery Controllers (ADC)

Key features: The APV3600 and APV3650 support 20Gbps and 30Gbps, respectively, and support 25K 2048-bit SSL transactions per second – significantly lowering the cost of securing and scaling Ecommerce and Web-based business applications. More info.

Attunity CloudBeam

Product name: Attunity CloudBeam

Key features: Cloud data transfer for AWS environments now available as an AMI. Automates and accelerates data replication across on-premises and cloud environments. Pay-as-you-go solutions via the AWS Marketplace. More info.

Caringo Swarm7

Product Name: Caringo Swarm7
Key Features: scalable unified object storage solution that enables organizations to manage object, block and file data under a single platform for massive cloud deployments. Plus, it contains "out-of-the-box" support for Hadoop, enabling businesses to float new, potentially business-boosting analytics-based data services. Caringo Swarm also leverages RAM to speed access to objects and lowering processing overhead, and a single Swarm cluster can scale to over 100 petabytes.

CoreMedia LiveContext 2.0

Product name: CoreMedia LiveContext 2.0

Key features: CoreMedia LiveContext 2.0 is a digital engagement application that enables Experiential Commerce by helping e-Commerce and marketing professionals to transform their online IBM WebSphere Commerce stores into visually appealing and immersive experiences. More info.

ESET Mobile Security

Product Name: ESET Mobile Security

Key Features: Go Explore the Internet fully with ESET Mobile Security for Android with Proactive-Anti-Theft and online management of Anti-theft via, Anti-Phishing, SMS & Call Filter, and powerful Antivirus protection. More info.

IdentiFi Wireless LAN

Product name: IdentiFi Wireless LAN

Key features: IdentiFi is the most extensive and high-density wireless solution now supporting 802.11ac, featuring new indoor and outdoor access points that deliver the capacity and ease-of use demanded by IT and mobile users. More info.

Eternus DX200F storage array

Product name: Eternus DX200F storage array

Key features: The latest in Fujitsu’s Eternus DX line, the DX200F is an all-Flash storage array that customers of any size can use for I/O-intensive applications. More info. Mobile

Product name: Mobile

1. Mobile Free (read-only functionality): $0
2. Mobile Professional (read-write with full functionality): $20
3. Mobile Enterprise (full functionality with BYOD support and licensing for multiple devices): $4/user per month
Key features: Mobile aggregates Microsoft's productivity suite – SharePoint, Office365, Yammer, etc. – into a single-screen experience facilitating mobile collaboration. now also supports Office for iPad, OneDrive and Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite. More info.

IBM Concert

Product Name: IBM Concert

Key features: IBM Concert, now available on the IBM Cloud Marketplace, can manage the increasing volume and complexity of processes and tasks, support an increasingly mobile workforce, and emphasize social collaboration as an integral part of decision making. More info.

Kaminario K2

Product name: Kaminario K2

Key features:  The only all-flash storage array that supports both scale-up and scale-out architectures, selectable global inline deduplication, comprehensive enterprise resiliency, proactive call home and analytics, global inline compression, and tight ecosystem integration. More info.

PingOne mobile app

Product name -- PingOne mobile app

Pricing: PingOne for Groups is free for up to 50 users, and PingOne for Business starts at $3/user per month.

Key features -- The PingOne app is a native mobile application that delivers single sign-on (SSO) access to thousands of applications from any device. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets, the PingOne app gives users a simple way to access corporate resources via their mobile devices without compromising security and compliance requirements. More info.

Product name: Scrutinizer v12

Key features: Offers deeper analysis on flows for cyber threat detection and suspicious behavior investigation, with support for distributed flow collection with a central interface, supporting over four million flows per second. More info.

Progress Easyl

Product Name: Progress Easyl

Key features: Progress Easyl’s elegant, simple self-service design makes it easy for marketing, sales and customer support professionals to access, blend, and report on data that spans a wide variety of business applications and data sources. More info.

Promisec Integrity

Product name:  Promisec Integrity

Key features: is a SaaS application that provides complete visibility into endpoint security status including insight into AV status, patch status, unauthorized application discovery and advanced threat/malware status, without using agents. More info.

Diffusion 5.0

Product name: Diffusion 5.0

Key features: Diffusion 5.0 is an enterprise-grade data distribution platform that helps organizations deliver high-performance, real-time apps across any OS, network or device, and now includes a unified API, enhanced performance, high availability and easy integration with enterprise assets. More info.

Portable USB Crash Cart Adapter

Product name: Portable USB Crash Cart Adapter

Key features: The adapter turns a server technicians or field engineers laptop into a portable console, instead of using a conventional  and more cumbersome server room crash cart.

TIBCO Spotfire Desktop

Product name: TIBCO Spotfire Desktop

Key features: Spotfire Desktop is a data analysis and visualization tool, the 6.5 version has enhanced location analysis features allowing users to blend GIS and analytics strategies. More info.

Trusteer Apex

Product name: Trusteer Apex

Key features: Trusteer Apex is an endpoint protection solution that prevents malware infections through multi-layered defenses provided at strategic attack vector chokepoints. More info.

The TerraWave Cisco Indoor AP Wireless LAN Site Survey Kit

Product Name: TerraWave Cisco Indoor AP Wireless LAN Site Survey Kit
Key features: enables precise site surveys that eliminate deployment issues and allow for seamless network implementation of Cisco indoor access points. Easy to transport, organize, and inventory, the kit equips system engineers with all of the critical products needed to perform professional site surveys in most environments and industries. More info.

RightsWATCH for Individuals

Product name:  RightsWATCH for Individuals

Key features: RightsWATCH for Individuals is a plug-n-play information security solution that dynamically classifies and protects emails, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. with a preconfigured industry-standard ‘best practices template’ for information control. More info. 

WildPackets Omni Distributed Analysis Platform version 7.9.5

Product name: WildPackets Omni Distributed Analysis Platform version 7.9.5

Key features: Omni Distributed Analysis Platform version 7.9.5, the industry's first Wi-Fi analysis solution for gigabit wireless local area networks (WLANs). Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 7.9.5 is the only commercial solution available for managing and troubleshooting new enterprise 802.11ac networks. More info.

Vertical Mount ATS for Single Inlet 240 VAC Devices

Product name: Vertical Mount ATS for Single Inlet 240 VAC Devices

Key features: An effective power fallback solution for single inlet 240 VAC devices.  Space-saving vertical ATS mounts to rack post or rear of rack, providing power redundancy without taking up rack space. More info.

Zenoss Service Dynamics Service Impact

Product name: Zenoss Service Dynamics Service Impact

Key features: The new release ensures that the performance and availability of applications and services can be monitored upon initial deployment by leveraging Service Impact’s unique real service model technology. More info.

Zettaset Orchestrator

Product name: Zettaset Orchestrator

Key features: Secure HBase is part of Zettaset Orchestrator’s comprehensive, fully-integrated security and management solution for Hadoop. Secure HBase can now be selected for automatic installation during Orchestrator’s streamlined installation process. More info.

NXC5500 Wireless LAN (WLAN) controller and its NWA5301NJ wall-plate Unified Wi-Fi Access Point (AP)

Product name – NXC5500 Wireless LAN (WLAN) controller and its NWA5301NJ wall-plate Unified Wi-Fi Access Point (AP)

Key features: ZyXEL's WLAN controller is used by hotels, education institutions, chain store and small / medium size enterprises, and can manage up to 512 APs. More info.

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