Microsoft makes LG Electronics patent partner; Take Vista like a man

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Microsoft makes LG Electronics latest cross-licensing patent partner, 06/06/07:  Microsoft Wednesday inked another cross-licensing patent agreement, this time with South Korea's LG Electronics, covering the company's Linux-based embedded devices.

TECH ED - Microsoft set to upgrade Web-conferencing service, 06/05/07:  Microsoft said Tuesday it would debut an upgraded version of its Office Live Meeting Web-conferencing service later this year with a redesigned interface, hooks into VoIP and support for its 360-degree live Web cam technology.

Software more art than science, says Microsoft's Mundie, 06/05/07:  Ever wondered why Microsoft software needs continually to be patched and updated? Microsoft's Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie believes it's because software development is still more an art than a science.

HTC launches Microsoft-based iPhone rival, 06/05/07:  High Tech Computer announced the HTC Touch, a Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS device designed with one-touch screen features giving users instant access to e-mails, contacts and appointments.

Microsoft to users: no Software Assurance, no apps virtualization, 06/05/07:  Microsoft on Tuesday reaffirmed that its applications virtualization technology will be available only as part of a bundle of desktop-management tools and only to users with Software Assurance contracts.

Microsoft to OEMs: Take Vista like a man, 06/04/07:  Last week, Microsoft sent certified letters to its OEM partners regarding Vista's anti-piracy technology -- or, more accurately, what happens if they dare ship a system with a "non-genuine" copy of Vista.

Answers to your tricky Microsoft questions:  Our newest Microsoft Subnet blogger, Tyson Kopczynski, has issued a challenge. Bring him your toughest, trickiest Microsoft-technology question and if he can't answer it, he will find someone who will. Read his blog and drop him a question.

TechEd: Microsoft fashions software into cohesive plan, 06/04/07:  Microsoft Monday used the opening of its annual TechEd conference in Orlando, Fla., to bundle up a cornucopia of forthcoming products aimed at developers and IT managers that it hopes will foster a Windows-based automated corporate computing platform for years to come.

Group rips Microsoft for 'Net user profiling research, 06/04/07:  Microsoft research on Internet user profiling could lead to tools that help repressive regimes identify anonymous dissidents, the Reporters Without Borders advocacy group warned last Friday.

Video: Microsoft Surface: Haven't we seen this before?:  There's a lot of hoopla around Microsoft's new Surface computing platform, but it really isn't all that new. Around the Network World has the scoop.

Microsoft vs. Linux:  The news, the opinions, the readers reaction. Here’s your one-stop source for it all including The Top 10 things Microsoft loves/hates about open source; John Obeto’s blog: Microsoft isn’t the bad guy; Reader’s reaction: Microsoft and karma.

Microsoft acquires Engyro; will cease selling MOM 2005 connectors:  Interestingly, Microsoft says it will no longer sell MOM 2005 related Connectors, Agents, or Management Packs. Instead, it wants those customers to upgrade to the 2007 connectors and presumably to Operations Manger 2007. Note that mainstream support for MOM 2005 does not end until Jan. 12 2010 and that extended support will run until Jan. 13, 2015.

Hostile takeover of GPL?:  In commenting on the new GPL license and Novell’s announcement of a “mixed-source” partnership with Capgemini, Groklaw writes: “This whole Novell-Microsoft saga to me was kind of like a hostile takeover of GPL code … Folks who like the proprietary ways better ... thought the license doesn't mean what it says or that they could get cute with it and make oodles and boodles of money by selling code that belongs to other people in ways those authors told them in their license they don't like. Well, the GPL does mean what it says. And if you steal the Golden Egg and in so doing kill the Golden Goose that laid it, what have you accomplished?”

Ballmer and other software CEOs threaten to move R&D offshore unless they get more H1-B visas:  The AP is reporting that Ballmer and other software execs say that unless they can import more skilled foreign workers, they’ll be forced to move R&D efforts offshore. The story says: “The growth of the high-tech industry's R&D efforts "in no insignificant measure depends upon hiring non-American citizens" due to a shortage of U.S. citizens with degrees in engineering, computer science and other technology fields, Steve Ballmer told reporters at a roundtable discussion.”

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