Products of the week 11.18.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Extreme and CloudLock

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

CloudLock for Salesforce

Product name: CloudLock For Salesforce

Key features: enforces regulatory and security compliance for both production and sandbox environments. CloudLock’s deep content inspection pinpoints sensitive data, provides location aware auditing and continuously monitors the environment. More info.

Blue Coat Content Analysis System

Product name: Blue Coat Content Analysis System

Key features: Automates advanced threat protection at the Internet gateway to block known threats, detect and analyze zero-day and advanced malware, and share new threat intelligence to continually fortify the network. More info.

Summit X770

Product name: Summit X770

Key features: highly scalable Top-of-Rack (TOR) switch offers the industry’s highest port density of 10GbE and advanced scalability, programmability and robust software features addressing Big Data and cloud. More info.

HSP OverseasConnect

Product Name: HSP OverseasConnect

Key features: software suite built to simplify the management and control of international operations. It provides on-demand access to a platform of integrated applications required for in-country success, from cloud-based payroll and vendor payments to expense reimbursements, cash management and local bookkeeping. More info.

Product name: Nexsan E-Series V storage arrays

Key features: With performance enhancements and increased memory, Nexsan E-Series V storage arrays represent the very latest from an E-Series product line that is field-proven to increase storage efficiency, maximize uptime and boost storage ROI while delivering significant versatility and ease of use. More info.

Invincea FreeSpace for Small Business

Product Name: Invincea FreeSpace for Small Business

Key features: Protecting SMB clients from targeted and unknown malware, Invincea moves web-browsers, PDF readers and Office apps into secure virtual containers outfitted with advanced behavioral sensors for malware detection and zero-day exploits. More info.

Product name: Intronis Cloud Backup + Recovery

Key features: QuickSpin — This disaster recovery tool allows partners to restore VMware virtual machines locally via the Intronis Partner Portal.

Intelliblox —Intelliblox Block-Level Backup Technology breaks VMs up into blocks, and only blocks that have been recently modified are uploaded in subsequent backups.

Recovery as a Service — An on-demand offering where Intronis will ship a secure drive containing a customer’s data to expedite recovery time.

 More info.

Mojave Networks

Product name: Mojave Networks
Key features: offers a cloud-based, enterprise-grade solution to give organizations visibility into their mobile devices, allowing them to better secure sensitive company data, evaluate mobile applications and block advanced threats. More info.

OnApp v3.1

Product name: OnApp v3.1

Key features: With OnApp v3.1,  service providers can bring cloud, dedicated servers, VPS, storage, CDN, DNS and more to their clients through one fully automated control panel, making it easy to tailor services for different customer workloads. More info.

Protecode Compact

Product name: Protecode Compact

Key features: automates discovery of open source and other third-party content in a code portfolio, highlighting legal obligations, security vulnerabilities, IP ownership and quality attributes of the external code. More info.

RSA Vulnerability Risk Management (VRM)

Product: RSA Vulnerability Risk Management

Key Features: is a new software solution designed to help enterprises proactively manage risks through a combination of asset business context, actionable threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment results, and comprehensive workflow. More info.

ServiceNow HR Service Automation

Product name: ServiceNow HR Service Automation

Key features: This new application manages the service relationships between HR and employees through an online storefront, similar to the ones they use at home for purchasing personal goods and services. HR Service Automation eliminates the volumes of phone calls and email exchanges it takes for organizations to execute HR service delivery and gives control, insight and productivity back to HR management. More info.

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper

Product name: SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper

Key features: SolarWinds extended the capabilities of its network mapping and discovery solution, Network Topology Mapper, to include virtual machine mapping for Microsoft Hyper-V. More info.


Product name: Taskworld

Key features: Cloud-based collaboration platform and mobile app designed to increase employee productivity, engagement and accountability. Integrating performance analytics, it enables users to effectively organize projects, manage tasks and evaluate employee performance. More info.

Console Access Server with Built in ATS and Enterprise Management Software

Product name: Console Access Server with Built in ATS and Enterprise Management Software

Key features: WTI’s TSM-40-DPS console server provides out-of-band access to remote network elements, plus built in ATS for power redundancy.  Included Enterprise Management Software allows control of multiple console server units via a single interface. More info.

Zoeticx Patient-Clarity collaboration platform

Product name: Zoeticx Patient-Clarity collaboration platform

Key features: enabling medical information sharing via SOA Data services, with a messaging infrastructure for healthcare target notification and automated workflow. The platform's SaaS, cloud-based open architecture enables 3rd party developers to expand solutions for healthcare resource collaboration. Our client application resides on smart devices, supporting access and connectivity anytime, anywhere. More info.

Data Discovery and Monitoring for Salesforce

Product name: Data Discovery and Monitoring for Salesforce  

Key features: CipherCloud expands cloud information protection for Salesforce to discover data violations, monitor user activities and detect anomalies; provides customers with additional layers of visibility, control and compliance. More info.

Vocus Marketing Suite (VMS)

Product name: Vocus Marketing Suite (VMS)

Pricing: Basic plan = $300/month; Plus plan = $600/month; Pro plan = $1,000/month; Enterprise plan = $2,500/month.

Key features: landing pages, campaigns, social CRM, and improved tracking to help streamline complex, multi-channel marketing campaigns across email, social, PR and search marketing channels. More info.

Workshare Protect Server

Product name: Workshare Protect Server
Key features:  extends corporate data security policies to safeguard high-value content shared via email and webmail on mobile devices, eliminating employee risk of leaking sensitive data. More info.

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