Products of the week 6.17.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Cloudmark and Dell

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Cloudmark Security Platform for Broadband

Product name: Cloudmark Security Platform for Broadband

Key features: Provides fixed-line, mobile carriers and Web hosting providers with carrier-grade protection against a range of messaging threats including sophisticated email spam, malware and Web-based attacks within their broadband networks. More info.

Axway DropZone and MailGate SC 5.3

Product name: Axway DropZone and MailGate SC 5.3

Key features - provide organizations with a secure method to share files, filter and encrypt email, and interact with collaborators from a desktop, mobile or tablet. The newest release of Axway DropZone and MailGate SC 5.3 is a comprehensive strategy for file and folder sharing and email security, with integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP), to control data as it moves in and out of the enterprise. More info.

QualysGuard Express Lite

Product name: QualysGuard Express Lite

Key features: Accessible from any web browser, QualysGuard Express Lite delivers the power of QualysGuard Cloud Platform to SMBs for protection against Internet attackers and simplifies compliance with PCI and regulatory mandates. More info.

ThreatVue NGS

Product: ThreatVue NGS

Key Features: This security monitoring software is available as software, installed on an appliance or as a service. It assesses which network infrastructure meets industry best practices for security as set down by the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the SANS Institute. More info.

Sitefinity 6.0

Product name: Sitefinity 6.0

Key features: Sitefinity is the first and only Web Content Management platform enabling enterprises to take full advantage of all three mobile development strategies — Responsive Web Design, mobile websites, and mobile apps.


Product name - SafeMonk

Pricing: The Personal User Version of SafeMonk is $0, which includes unlimited shares, unlimited devices, and password recovery and account management. The Enterprise Management Account is $0, managed SafeMonk Enterprise users are $88 per user/year.

Key features - SafeMonk is the first tap proof encryption solution for Dropbox —meaning no one has access to user files without their approval—offering privacy, usability, and security without breaking Dropbox simplicity. More info.

Alfresco Workdesk

Product name: Alfresco Workdesk

Key features: is a new application focused on streamlining document-centric business processes such as claims processing, HR employee on boarding, mailroom automation, deal management and loan origination. More info.

Summation 5.0

Product name: Summation 5.0

Key features: This update offers legal users with the power to forensically process and analyze data. It also offers predictive coding, visual analytics, and innovative reviewing solutions. More info.


Product name - Datadog

Key features – Datadog’s new Screenboards blend together metrics, events and key performance indicators from servers, databases, services and other disparate infrastructure components. Dashboards can be made in seconds by dragging and dropping widgets. More info.

Trend Micro Web App Security

Product name: Trend Micro Web App Security

Key features: all inclusive cloud service that provides enterprise-grade security with comprehensive vulnerability detection and protection functionality for all web applications throughout an organization. More info. DataProtect 4.0

Product name: DataProtect 4.0

Key features: 3-in-1 enterprise-grade data protection with local software, cloud backup, archiving and disaster recovery. Built-in WAN traffic optimization and cloud performance acceleration delivers lightening fast speed, often faster than local backup. More info.

Product Name: Dell Quest One Identity Manager – Data Governance Edition Classification Module

Key features:  adds identity to the classification of unstructured data. The solution discovers and classifies all unstructured data, and goes beyond the data to show who has access and how it was obtained, to improve regulatory compliance and business agility. More info.


Product name: DevCraft

Key features: The latest DevCraft offers the complete stack for the professional .NET developer with touch friendly UI controls, data synchronization and cloud mobile back-end services. More info.

SharePath for IBM WebSphere Message Broker

Product name: SharePath for IBM WebSphere Message Broker         

Key features: gives middleware owners, IT operations and production support teams the ability to understand dependencies and identify middleware bottlenecks. More info.

Product name - Avaya Video Collaboration Solution for IP Office

Key features  – The solution provides simple, affordable yet comprehensive desktop, mobile and HD room-system video collaboration capabilities. Avaya IP Office is the company’s flagship unified communications solution for small and midsize enterprises. More info.

Tangoe Mobile

Product name: Tangoe Mobile

Key features: Mobile application combining MDM and rTEM functionality for managing applications, tracking SMS, Voice and Data usage (including by application) thus preventing bill shock, and receiving usage notifications from IT. More info.


Redis Cloud Multi-AZ and Memcached Cloud Multi-AZ

Product name: Redis Cloud Multi-AZ and Memcached Cloud Multi-AZ

Key features: The Multi-Availability Zone capability enhances the level of high-availability to Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud hosting services on AWS, offering constant dataset replication to a different availability zone (data center) and instant auto-failover to guarantee that data is served without interruption. More info.

CiRBA 7.3

Product name: CiRBA 7.3

Pricing: CiRBA is sold on a subscription basis with pricing determined by the number of systems being analyzed, the platform, analysis modules and the duration of the license agreement. Typical deploymnets range from approximately $100,000 for 1,000 targets to over $1,000,000 for larger enterprise environments.

Key features: CiRBA's new API adds VM placement brain to cloud management platforms such as OpenStack, enabling placement automation, removing capacity risk and driving efficiency. More info.

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1

Product Name: Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1

Key features: adds enhancements to the application platform in the areas of manageability, security, performance and scalability to the application platform technology. More info.

OpenShift Online

Product name – OpenShift Online

Pricing -- New “Silver” Plan monthly subscription for OpenShift Online public PaaS service is $20/month for 3 application containers. Also, hourly rates for additional resources range from $0.04/hr to $0.10/hr. Free plans includes 1GB of

Key features -- For a monthly fee, developers subscribing to OpenShift Online’s commercial offering will have access to technical support and  platform resources from Red Hat. More info.

Centrify DirectControl

Product name – Centrify DirectControl

Key features - Delivers new Active Directory-based authentication and single sign-on for users accessing file shares on Red Hat Storage, adding enhanced secure access using native Windows protocols and leveraging Active Directory. More info.

RTI for Cloud

Product name: RTI for Cloud

Key features: Use RTI to monitor performance on any JBoss, Tomcat, WildFly, EWS, EAP server, locally or in the cloud.
Enable performance monitoring in OpenShift with the RTI cartridge.  Performance data is collected on the OpenShift gear running you applications and downloaded using the RTI console. More info.

Fuel 3.0

Product name: Fuel 3.0

Key features: Fuel is the vendor-neutral, open source toolkit for deployment and management of OpenStack clouds, providing tooling, information, and support needed to accelerate time to production, with support for the latest OpenStack Grizzly release. The newest feature, in Fuel 3.0, is a single, visually intuitive interface that makes it even easier to build and run OpenStack clouds. More info.

Bonita BPM 6

Product name: Bonita BPM 6

Key features: New features include a next-generation execution engine, a completely redesigned user portal that helps employees and managers complete process tasks quickly and accurately, mobile access, and improved business activity monitoring. More info.

DC Powered Console Access Server

Product name: DC Powered Console Access Server

Key features: Secure, reliable access to console port command functions on remote network elements in DC powered applications. Advanced Security and authentication, monitoring and alarm functions, IP and SNMP control, monitoring and configuration. More info.

Airmail2 NetDocuments

Product name:  Airmail2 NetDocuments

Pricing:  $5,995 for 25 users, one-time license fee. Additional users are $75-$125 each for a one-time license fee. No subscription fees, no scan device fees, and no usage fees.

Key features: an enterprise scanning solution that allows companies to efficiently manage their paper documents by automatically filing scanned documents directly into a NetDocuments workspace. More info.