All hail: Inside the museum of nonsense

Austrian museum opens world to some crazy, humorous inventions

Some call it the museum on failed inventions and others might just call it the stupidity museum, either way it is officially known as the Museum of Nonsense and it opened in Austria this month. It is decidedly low-tech though it does contain some high-tech ideas like a truly interesting way to anonimize identity (a piece of black card on a stick so people can’t see your eyes) and a device that promises to cut down on those huge cell-phone bills (think tin cans and a string). Failed Austrian inventor Fritz Gall got an Austrian government grant of about $40,000 to set up the museum. Anyway if you can’t get to Austria, here’s a look at some of the “inventions.”

The museum describes this as a shaving mirror for prisoners, but um, might you be more worried about the blade this prisoner has rather than access to a mirror?

Chinese rice sticks. Seems more trouble than they’re worth.

Um, a balding comb? I think this was used in a Three Stooges skit.

A tractor-less tractor.

They call it an accordion expander. Guess it would help you pump up those biceps.

A spaghetti cutter. Now this one is cool, no idea why it never caught on.

Heated clothespin: Wet clothes and open wires? No thanks.

The “fair-chance” fly swatter. Thinking flies have a fair chance as it is. Have you ever tried to squash one?

The sit-n-digger. Another good idea.

A plate lifter. Again seems like a novel idea.

I don’t know, if you can’t really tell what you are eating with the naked eye, you likely shouldn’t be putting it in your mouth.

The talk-to-your-self phone. Could be marketed as the iAlone perhaps.

Anonymity patch. I think a zombie mask would work better.

Trumpet with crosshairs. I think this one was in a James Bond film.

A folding sled