What are end users doing?

* What messaging technology end users around the world are using

We recently conducted a major survey of end users around the world with respect to their use of messaging technologies. Here’s a sampling of what we found:

* 66% of end users save e-mail attachments to their local hard drive ‘fairly often’ or ‘all the time.’ This can create significant liabilities for an organization that needs to respond to a discovery order, for example. Our research has shown that a large proportion of the data stored locally simply cannot be accessed using current search and retrieval tools, which means that organizations may not be fully able to respond to discovery orders or other requests for information.

* Further compounding the problem is that 71% of end users check work-related e-mail from home on their own computer, making e-discovery or other information retrieval that much more difficult.

* Interestingly, 90% of end users believe that their organization has the right to monitor their e-mail for offensive, sensitive or related types of content. Nearly as many end users believe that their employer has the right to archive e-mail from their work e-mail account.

* What e-mail overload? 18% of respondents told us that they experience e-mail overload most or all of the time, with just 10% of end users telling us that they never experience this problem.

* Most e-mail users employ instant messaging at work. However, unlike most of the results we obtained in this survey, we found a significant difference between North American users and those outside of North America: 63% of North American users use instant messaging at work compared to only 51% outside of North America.

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