New products of the week 04.28.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as IBM and Dell

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Product name: bankSMART

Key features: BrandProtect’s bankSMART platform is a subscription-based, multi-channel, online threat monitoring service designed to help financial institutions of all sizes that are subject to the FFIEC guidance on Social Media safeguard brand reputation and minimize business risk from online activity. More info.

Tangoe MxBenchmark

Product name: Tangoe MxBenchmark

Key features: Part of Tangoe’s Matrix Solution Suite, which addresses enterprises’ entire communications lifecycle, MxBenchmark provides the baseline and comparative data organizations need to identify performance gaps—and insights to close them. More info.

Barking for Sales

Product name – Barking for Sales

Key features - streamlines sales support processes, lead assignments and access to customer information. More info.

Pegasus2 M4

Product name – Pegasus2 M4

Key features – delivers performance and capacity in a new, portable form factor with 2.5-inch drives. Featuring an innovative and compact design, the Pegasus2 M4 external RAID solution works with the new Mac Pro and is an ideal solution for professionals working both offsite and in-studio. More info.

Remote Out-of-Band Console Port Manager

Product name: Remote Out-of-Band Console Port Manager

Key features: Out-of-band access to console port command functions on remote network elements. Includes monitoring and alarm functions, state-of-the-art authentication and security features, plus Enterprise Management software. More info.

MIMIC Simulator Suite

Product name: MIMIC Simulator Suite

Key features: Creates a real world lab environment, with 100,000 devices for testing, training, demos and disaster preparedness. Supports SNMP, NetFlow, sFlow, Web (SOAP/XML), Telnet and SSH protocols. More info.

Violin Memory Windows Flash Array

Product Name: Violin Memory Windows Flash Array

Key features: The Violin WFA was developed with Microsoft to embed Windows Storage Server 2012 into the Violin 6264 all-flash memory array to increase the performance of Microsoft application workloads. More info.

Dell Boomi AtomSphere

Product Name: Dell Boomi AtomSphere

Key features: is the only iPaaS platform with a single-instance, multi-tenant architecture with new native features including Boomi Resolve (crowd sourced error resolutions) with Predictive Assistance, SOA Dashboard, message queuing and XML to JSON conversion. More info.

Power Assure EM/5

Product name: Power Assure EM/5

Key features: EM/5 is a hosted data center monitoring solution bringing real-time and historical metrics to ServiceNow customers dramatically cutting the time and expense traditionally experienced in deploying DCIM. More info.

Check Point 41000 Security System

Product name: Check Point 41000 Security System

Key features: a fully redundant, carrier-grade, highly scalable security solution that meets todays security needs and supports future growth. More info.

Check Point Next-Generation SmartEvent

Product name: Check Point Next-Generation SmartEvent

Key features: delivers real-time cyber threat visibility, quickly searches and analyzes billions of data logs to identify critical events, easily moving from high-level view to detailed forensic analysis. More info.

Check Point Smart-1 Appliances

Product name: Check Point Smart-1 Appliances

Key features: deliver security management, enabling organizations to consolidate security policy, log and event management. These five new security management appliances centrally manage Check Point security gateways. More info.

IBM Power Systems S812L and IBM Power Systems S822L

Product name: IBM Power Systems S812L and IBM Power Systems S822L

Key features: The first two of five servers that make up the new IBM Power Systems S-Class architecture, designed for large, scale-out computing environments. The POWER8 based system runs exclusively on Linux and is available in 1 and 2 socket and 2U and 4U configurations to help data centers address big data requirements at unprecedented speeds. More info.


Product name: Bluescape

Pricing: Bluescape can be purchased as a monthly subscription with three plans:

  • Starter $9.99 – 3 GB, 2 workspaces, 3 contributors
  • Plus $29.99 – 15 GB, 8 workspaces, 10 contributors
  • Professional $69.99 – 75 GB, 20 workspaces, 30 contributors

Key features: Bluescape is a cloud-based visual collaborative workspace changing the way people work. Bluescape’s technology provides 160-acres of workspace to pull together existing business data, applications, workflows and makes them interactive. More info.

LoadStorm 2.0

Product name: LoadStorm 2.0

Pricing: $39 for the Lite package allowing 1,000 concurrent virtual users, on up to $1,999 for the Pro package allowing 50,000 concurrent virtual users.

Key features: can simulate hundreds of thousands of website visits and visitor actions from many geographic areas. Fully detailed analytical reports then help users remedy web performance issues. More info.

Espresso Logic Live Browser

Product name: Espresso Logic Live Browser

Key features: Creates data-driven apps using data from enterprise databases, without programming. Provides out-of-the-box HTML5 user interface for navigating entire database in a master/detail format. More info.


Product name: BR-Docs

Pricing: Personal users - $5 per month per user, up to three users. Premier users - $8 per month per user, up to ten users. 

Key features: a cloud-based document management service that provides businesses with a secure and reliable way to organize, store, sync and access files from a desktop or select mobile devices. More info.

Xangati VI and VDI Workload Performance Management Suites - XSR-11 Release

Product name: Xangati VI and VDI Workload Performance Management Suites - XSR-11 Release

Key features: Xangati's latest release XSR-11 features two new dashboards, Xangati Executive Dashboard and Xangati MyDashboard, and includes a unique weighted capacity index. More info.

FlowTraq for Splunk App

Product name: FlowTraq for Splunk App

Pricing: Free for FlowTraq licensed users; $1 per 1 million flow updates for FlowTraq Cloud users

There are two options for licensing Splunk Enterprise: perpetual and term.

  • Perpetual license: this includes the full functionality of Splunk Enterprise and starts as low as $4,500 for 1 GB/day*, plus annual support fees
  • Term license: this provides the option of paying a yearly fee instead of the one-time perpetual license fee. Term licenses start at $1,800 per year*, which include annual support fees 

Key features: combines FlowTraq’s scalable traffic handling, full forensic drill-down, and smart Network Behavioral Intelligence with Splunk’s powerful event correlation to help organizations correlate security alerts with network traffic to quickly find hackers, malware and other attacks. Available via FlowTraq Cloud or FlowTraq Virtual Appliance (vApp). More info.

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