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We’re doing a “refi” on our house and the other day I received some documents from our broker. I had asked her to e-mail the documents to me because we wanted to wrap everything up quickly.

To my surprise the documents arrived in a multi-page TIFF file. This was the first time as a consumer I have ever received content in this format. I had to figure out which application I could use to convert the graphics into PDF format so that I could paste in signatures and fill in data fields. It was either that or print and write on the pages and then fax them back and faxing is something I hate to do (it seems so ridiculous and retro when you have e-mail as well).

On the other hand, the downside to e-mail is that not everything can be done in plain text so other formats are required where layout matters, such as in some legal documents, or if images, such as signatures, have to be included.

The range of document formats in use today is astounding. Just consider how many you use on a daily basis: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, MPEG, MP3, … the list is enormous, and often the file you need to edit is not in a format that supports the tool with which you’d like edit.

Even though many applications can read and write non-native formats there will be times when a particular format isn’t supported and you don’t have a tool that can translate. There’s also the situation when you are on the road and the tool that you need to translate is back at the office.

When, as was the case for me, the target format you need is PDF a service like PDFConverter from Baltsoft is the answer.

PDFConverter can convert a huge range of file formats to PDF format. Currently 114 formats are supported including Adobe Illustrator, MS Windows/OS2 Bitmap images, Compiled HTML Help files, Microsoft Word 1997-2003, AutoCAD Drawing, AutoCAD DXF, Windows Help files, Web pages, Microsoft Project files, Portable Network Graphics, Microsoft Rich Text, TIFF, Lotus 1-2-3, and ZIP archives.

The service can also convert PDF files to Word, RTF, and Excel documents and extract the images from a PDF file into a collection of JPEG or PNG files.

To convert a file you use the upload form or specify the HTTP URL of the content and PDFConvertor returns a link to the translated content stored in a ZIP archive and optionally e-mails the archive to you.

PDFConvertor also offers integration options so that applications and processes on your network can use their conversion services directly.

As a non-member you are limited to 15 conversions per month with a 30 minute delay between conversions, a two-page limit for converting PDF documents to Word and Excel and extract images from PDF documents, and a maximum of five files in an uploaded ZIP archive.

Membership which costs $9 per month (or $29 per half year or $99 for lifetime membership) or $15 for 50 conversions. As a paying member you can also e-mail files to be converted.

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