What's hot at RSA 2012

Product Name: AlgoSec Security Management Suite 6.2

Key features: AlgoSec introduces the most comprehensive automation for managing policies of next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) and is the first solution of its kind to support secure Web gateways (SWGs). More info.

Product name: Axway Community Management Gateway Profile Provisioning (GPP)

Key features: Axway Community Management (ACM) allows secure communication between corporate employees and external trading partners or vendors. ACM automates information gathering for enrollment, on-boarding, migration, certificate management, software updates and more. More info.

Product name: Becrypt Trusted Client for Mac

Key features: Becrypt Trusted Client, which is an ultra secure remote access device, now boots from both Mac/EFI machines and Intel/BIOS machines from the same USB stick, which is an industry first. More info.

Product name – SharePoint Security Solution from CA Technologies

Pricing - The content-aware SharePoint Security Solution from CA Technologies is delivered by combining capabilities from CA SiteMinder and CA DataMinder Classification. CA SiteMinder is licensed on a per user basis. For the SharePoint solution, customers add the SharePoint agent license and the DataMinder Classification license on a per SharePoint instance basis for $20,000 each. Prices may vary based on volume.

Key features - SharePoint Security Solution from CA Technologies combines CA SiteMinder and CA DataMinder to deliver content-aware access management and information control improving productivity while reducing risk of data compromise and non-compliance. More info.

Product name: Privileged Session Management Suite (version 7)

Key features: Enhancements include real-time privileged session monitoring for immediate termination of suspicious activity plus capabilities to better isolate, control and monitor activity to protect databases, virtual environments, network devices and servers. More info.

Product name - DataLocker Personal

Key features - The DataLocker Personal integrates a patented touchscreen interface and military grade encryption providing affordable external storage for all consumers. More info.

Product name: Retina CS 3.0

Key features: Market-first capabilities for Private Cloud (AWS/EC2/VMware vCenter) and Mobile (Android and ActiveSync) vulnerability management – enabling enterprise IT and security teams to better manage the security of these dynamic technologies. More info.

Product: ForeScout Mobile

Key features: Assures BYOD defenses with real time visibility and extensive control for managed and personal mobile devices. Add-on to CounterACT, modules offer native iOS and Android security plus MDM integration. More Info.

Product name: FortiGate-5101C

Key features: FG-5101C blade: FortiGate-5101C security blades feature the latest FortiASIC processors to accelerate the performance of FortiGate-5000 Series ATCA-compliant chassis-based systems, providing up to 100Gbps of IPv6 firewall throughput for next-generation networks. More info.

Product name: HP Enterprise View

Key features: Enterprise View provides visibility into IT assets and operations and creates a security risk score based on compliance vs. vulnerabilities in managed IT systems. More info.

Product name - Idera SharePoint enterprise manager 4.5

Key feature - SharePoint enterprise manager is a powerful web-based solution for SharePoint administration, security and permissions management. The new Security Differencing Engine compares permission settings for any two objects and provides a detailed analysis of differences. More info.

Product Name – Trusted Access Enterprise Service

Key Features - Innovative new virtualized workspace for cloud applications that replaces enterprise-issued endpoints to free IT budgets. Provides integrated cloud-based network security and data loss prevention services to manage the extended enterprise. Includes Cisco VPN client and Citrix Receiver for behind the firewall access.

Product name – Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) v4.83.3

Key features - ERPM's new 'known password discovery' feature scans your network, detecting and securing default and well-known privileged logins that make it easy for unauthorized individuals and malware to access private data. More info.

Product Name: Mu TestCloud

Key features: The only cloud-based content store that delivers 3,000+ ready-to-run application tests and attacks to validate application and security policies on intelligent enterprise networks using real-world traffic. More info.

Product name: Version 6.0 of the Protegrity Data Security Platform

Key features: Protegrity’s enhanced, tokenization-based solution lets organizations protect data stored in public, private and hybrid cloud environments as well as large-scale computing and data warehouse platforms used for Big Data analytics. More info.

Product name – ScaleXtreme Cloud-Based Patch Management for the Distributed Data Center

Key features - ScaleXtreme launches the first cloud-based patch management solution for use in public cloud machines, virtual machines and physical servers, all managed through a single automation framework. More info.

Product name: SonicWALL Mobile Connect client app for Google€ Android smartphones and tablets

Key features: It provides users with network-level access to corporate, academic and government resources over encrypted SSL VPN connections. More info.

Product name: Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise 6

Key features: SafeGuard Enterprise 6 introduces the ability to define encryption of any data and offers control over the keys as data travels from back-end, through anyone’s cloud and to any endpoint. More info.

Product name: WebTitan

Key features: WebTitan is a comprehensive business web filter ideally suited to small and midsized businesses looking for a powerful business Internet filtering that’s easily installed, easily managed and highly effective. The WebTitan web filter allows you to protect the organization's network, improve productivity and successfully enforce a corporate Internet usage policy in a cost-effective way. More info.

Product name: DeepFlow Probe

Key features: DeepFlow Probe is a ready-to-use appliance for security vendors that bridges the gap between NetFlow and full packet capture in the analysis of network data, providing deeper visibility in real time. More info.

Product name: StealthINTERCEPT Directory Authority

Key features: StealthINTERCEPT Directory Authority solves critical problems related to compliance, data leakage and insider control by providing real-time, in-line analysis of and controls over any directory and file system changes. More info.

Product name – Stonesoft Security Engine

Key features: Industry’s first transformable security engine. Can be self-configured to act as seven enterprise-class product configurations (FW, NGFW, IPS, NGIPS, L2FW, VPN and/or UTM). Users choose platform, capacity, controls and features, and can change as network evolves. Upgrades free. More info.

Product name: TITUS Metadata Security Claims Edition for Microsoft SharePoint

Key features: TITUS Metadata Security Claims Edition allows organizations to leverage trusted user claims, in conjunction with document metadata, to secure content and enforce policies within Microsoft SharePoint. More info.

Product name: Trustwave Managed Web Application Firewall

Key features: Trustwave's managed WAF provides Web applications with real-time, continuous security and protection from vulnerabilities and data loss. Also provides health monitoring, event analysis, policy setup and tuning. More info.

Product name: Viewfinity Privilege Management 4.0

Key features: Privilege management automation reduces policy proliferation by identifying commonly needed privileges across the entire user base within an organization, aggregating, and creating a single policy. More info.

Product name: WatchGuard XTM 25 and 26

Pricing: XTM 25 begins at $520 with a one year of LiveSecurity subscription and the XTM 26 begins at $745 with a one year subscription to LiveSecurity. Wireless versions are also available, starting at $645, including one year of LiveSecurity Service subscription.

Key features: Ideal for small businesses, wireless hotspots and branch offices, strong protection with full HTTPS inspection, VoIP support, and options for Application Control and all other WatchGuard security subscriptions. More info.

Product name: Wave Encryption Service

Key features: Wave Encryption Service, the only cloud-based service for managing Opal self-encrypting drives (SED) allows companies to virtually enforce encryption policies on Microsoft Windows-based computers without the complexity and cost. More info.

Product name: Webroot SecureAnywhere Business – Endpoint Protection

Key features: Webroot SecureAnywhere Business – Endpoint Protection is a new cloud-based protection that takes the misery out of security by delivering the fastest, lightest, easiest to manage, and most effective endpoint protection available. More info.

Product name: SecureDoc Version 5.3

Key features: WinMagic adds wireless capabilities to its market-leading PBConnex pre-boot network authentication with SecureDoc 5.3. Also added are two other key features to simplify data encryption: SecureDoc OSA provides seamless Self Encrypting Drive integration, and Removable Media Container Encryption, which makes it simple for users to securely transport and share data. More info.

Product name: The YubiKey NEO

Key features: The YubiKey NEO is the world’s first NFC-enabled OTP token that secures access to NFC smartphones and mobile devices. More info.

Product name: ExoNetwork and ExoKey

Key features: The ExoNetwork is a secure exoskeleton for small networks; the ExoKey is a USB device providing encrypted remote access to everything connected to the ExoNetwork. More info.

Product name – McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) 10

Price: for 1000 nodes is $77.51 per node. This also includes Gold Business Support, which includes access to the McAfee ServicePortal, unlimited hardware and software updates and upgrades; online case creation and management; online tutorials and installation guides; 24/7/365 access to McAfee’s certified technicians via phone and chat; and access to the McAfee Global Solutions Lab (GSL) evaluation environments.

Key features - IT professionals will have improved control to identify, secure, and assign policies to both employee- and business-owned smartphones and tablets. In March, McAfee will add an integrated Secure Container for Android (EMM 10.1) that segregates corporate email, calendar and contacts from personal data according to corporate security policies. More info.

Product name – McAfee VirusScan Mobile Security for Enterprise

Pricing - Our list price for 1000 nodes is $26.24 per node, including 1 year support. This also includes Gold Business Support, which includes access to the McAfee ServicePortal, unlimited hardware and software updates and upgrades; online case creation and management; online tutorials and installation guides; 24/7/365 access to McAfee’s certified technicians via phone and chat; and access to the McAfee Global Solutions Lab (GSL) evaluation environments.

Key features - Comprehensive anti-malware security for employee and business-owned Android devices. It prevents malware from entering the corporate domain with automatic, up to date scanning for malware in files, memory cards, applications, Internet downloads and text messages. More info.

Product name: FireEye File Malware Protection System

Key features: The FireEye File Malware Protection System (MPS) stops advanced targeted attacks by detecting and eliminating advanced malware found latent on file shares. More info.

Product name: Deep Discovery

Key features: Trend Micro Deep Discovery provides customers with the network-wide visibility, insight and control to combat APTs and targeted attacks. Key features: include sandbox detection and analysis; Risk-based threat tracking; real-time dashboards, analysis and reporting.

Product name: FortiGate-3240C

Key features: The FortiGate-3240C is a full-featured, next-generation firewall appliance that provides optimal scalability with 12 hardware-accelerated 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10-GbE) ports, the highest 10Gigabit Ethernet port density in its class. More info.

Product name: Cenzic Mobile for Application Security

Key features: Cenzic’s application security intelligence service secures mobile apps on all platforms via the cloud. The solution scans and provides risk mitigation recommendations with an emphasis on securing backend Web services. More info.

Product Name: Fluke Networks' AirMagnet Enterprise Version 10

Key features: AirMagnet Enterprise Version 10 is Fluke Networks' wireless LAN (WLAN) security and performance monitoring solution. Version 10 includes the industry's first software sensor agent and the industry's first automated health check (AHC) feature. More info.

Product name: Spyke

Key features: Plug-and-play network and application performance monitoring appliance provides real-time metrics, application intelligence and total visibility into detailed application and packet data from high-level key performance indicators. More info.

Product name – PhoneID

Key features - PhoneID provides businesses detailed information about phone numbers globally, including phone type and registration location. Blocking phone types associated with high fraud rates dramatically reduces site fraud. More info.

Product name: IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform

Key features: IBM unveiled new capabilities for its security intelligence platform, tapping security analytics and threat intelligence from more than 400 sources, including the X-Force Threat Feed, to help customers better predict, prevent and detect breaches. More info.

Product Name: QualysGuard Zero-Day Risk Analyzer

Key features: The service will allow customers to analyze zero-day threats and estimate their impact on assets and critical systems based on information collected from previous scan results. It provides the latest information and signatures for iDefense exclusive zero-day threats, customizable alerting and email notifications on critical threats, actionable data with estimates about at-risk systems and risk modeling to help determine the benefit of mitigating actions on exposed systems. More info:

Product Name: Enterprise Edition of QualysGuard Malware Detection Service

Key features: The new Enterprise Edition of the QualysGuard Malware Detection Service allows enterprises to proactively scan their web properties for malware infections, receive automated alerts and create in-depth reports for identification and removal of malware from these web sites. More info.

Product name: NComputing M300

Key features: The NComputing M300 provides a rich 3-in-1 PC experience to 3 users simultaneously in workgroup environments. The M300 is powered by the 2nd-generation Numo 2 System-on-Chip and vSpace Server software. More info.

Product name – McAfee Database Activity Monitoring

Key features - McAfee database security protects databases from external, internal and intra-database threats. The latest version supports MySQL and Teradata databases, in an effort to ensure complete protection across the most popular database management systems. More info.

Product Name: VSS Network Management System

Key features: The VSS Network Management System is a component of the optimization fabric that integrates the universe of network intelligence tools with access points into the network to optimize network operations. More info.

Product Name: Symantec Mobile Management 7.1

Key features: Symantec Mobile Management helps enterprises confidently enable this new mobile productivity by facilitating scalable, secure, and integrated smartphone and tablet deployments. More info.

Product name: Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Tablets

Key features: Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Tablets monitors and protects sensitive data sent from the iPad mail client, browser, and popular apps, including Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox. More info.

Product name: PowerBroker Servers Windows Edition

Key features: PowerBroker Servers Windows Edition delivers simplified privilege identity management (PIM) for Microsoft Windows-based servers and applications that leverage Microsoft PowerShell. More info.

Product: M86 Secure Web Gateway 10.2

Key features: M86 Secure Web Gateway is the only solution to protect against dynamic, cross-component and Web 2.0 based threats. Available as a hardware, virtual appliance and hybrid-cloud deployment, it's also the most versatile, cost effective SWG solution featuring the new ICAP client functionality, integrated hybrid cloud platform and improved usability. More info.

Product name: Cisco ASA 5500-X Series midrange security appliances

Key features: Optimized for deployment across small-to-large enterprises; uses a context-aware approach to deliver security services, multi-gigabit performance, a flexible interface and redundant power supplies in a compact form-factor. More info.

Product name: Symantec O3 Cloud Identity and Access Control Gateway

Key features: Symantec's O3 platform provides three layers of cloud protection: access control, information protection and compliance assurance. The Cloud Identity and Access Control Gateway enables organizations to apply consistent identity and information security across all cloud services and devices. More info.

Product name - Keylight 2.2

Key features - Helps customers build risk management program based on ISO 31000 and ISO 27005. More streamlined user experience through enhanced, personally configurable dashboards. Improved workflow capabilities that expedite content approval process. More info.

Product name: RadiantOne 6.0

Key features: RadiantOne 6.0 is the first complete on-premises federated identity service based on identity virtualization. The suite addresses security demands of authenticating and authorizing a diverse user base across multiple security protocols, identity stores and usage patterns. More info.

Product name: Interstage Business Process Manager Analytics (BPM Analytics) V12

Key features: Combines Automated Process Discovery to dramatically improve processes and achieve significant business results by automatically generating process flowcharts using business system logs without impacting production systems; eliminates manual process discovery, which is subjective, costly and time-consuming. More info.

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