Barracuda adds zero-hour threat protection to antispam appliance

New technology catches malware in real time

E-mail security vendor Barracuda adds zero-hour threat protection to its appliances to catch new viruses, spam, and malware in real time.

Barracuda Networks is adding real-time malware protection to its line of e-mail security appliances designed to block viruses, spyware, and other Internet threats as they emerge.

Called Barracuda Real-Time Protection, the technology uses the company’s installed base of 40,000 Spam Firewall appliances to monitor e-mail traffic in search of emerging threats, according to company officials.

Barracuda’s new technology creates binary signatures or fingerprints of message components, including body text and images and attachments. The company’s appliance scans inbound e-mail for messages that match known fingerprints and sends these messages to the company’s threat center for analysis by engineers, officials say.

By analyzing these messages, engineers can spot a malware breakout based on the volume, source or metadata about the message. The company says it then downloads an alert to its installed appliances that receive messages with the same fingerprint to block them.

The company also adds the new malware to the spam and virus definitions of known threats used by Barracuda appliances.

Barracuda’s Real-Time Protection is available free of charge to existing appliance users who subscribe to the company’s Energize updates. Barracuda’s Spam Firewall appliances start at $899.

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