6 ways to fight back against botnets; Credit card thieves donate to charity

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Six ways to fight back against botnets, 07/06/07: Botnets are a growing threat, but there are six steps that security professionals can take to fight back.

Credit card thieves donate to charity, 07/06/07: Symantec says it has noticed an increase in the use of stolen credit cards to make charitable contributions as a way to check out whether card numbers are legitimate before the thieves attempt to sell them or make large purchases with them.

Average zero-day bug has 348-day lifespan, exec says, 07/09/07: The average zero-day bug has a lifespan of 348 days before it is discovered or patched, but some vulnerabilities live on for much longer, according to security vendor Immunity's CEO.

Attack of the killer bots, 07/06/07: Organized criminals are hijacking millions of computers and using them as zombies that spew spam and malware across the Internet. But there are ways to fight back against the invasion of botnets.

CommVault launches search and discover software, 07/09/07: Storage management vendor CommVault introduced an upgrade of its data protection, archiving and replication software on Monday that features new search and indexing capabilities.

How big is the botnet problem?, 07/06/07: How big is the botnet problem? Watchdog organization Shadowserver Foundation calls it "gigantic."

E-mail worms rarer in 2007, says vendor, 07/05/07: E-mail worms, not long ago the scourge of the Internet, have declined sharply in 2007, a security company has revealed.

Service protects kids’ cell phones from predators, 07/06/07: A new service from eAgency Systems helps parents track their children’s cell phone usage and provides real-time alerts if kids receive unwanted or suspicious e-mail, instant messages, text messages or phone calls.


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