Catching fire: 10 hottest videos of smartphones burning up

Hottest iPhones, Android phones…literally.


Nothing fires up headline writers like a smoking story about an iPhone or other smartphone succumbing to spontaneous combustion or otherwise going up in flames. Here’s a sampling of YouTube videos on smartphone-related fires, both accidental and not.

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Samsung can’t keep him quiet

Samsung can’t keep him quiet

A Galaxy S4 owner in December claimed his Android phone started smoking while being charged. He demonstrates the damage here and then blasts Samsung here after getting a letter from them asking him to take down the initial video if he wants his phone replaced. Naturally, the second video is even more popular than the first, snagging more than 1 million views in just a few days.

Gassed up

While some smartphone users claim their devices catch fire spontaneously, others light them on fire on purpose to stress test them. And some use gasoline.

Man vs. cellphone vs. fire

Man vs. Wild’s Bear Grylls shows how to start a fire with a cellphone battery just in case you get stuck out in the wilderness and need to warm up.

You’ve been warned

You know those warnings about not using your cellphone at the gas pump?

Not so fast…

Not that Discovery channel’s Mythbusters are buying the gas pump threat.

Blame the batteries

When phones do start burning or smoking, smartphone vendors often point fingers at the batteries (sometimes authorized, sometimes not). Here’s an animated recreation of two incidents.



Sometimes the phones are fine, but the cell tower? Not so much.

Smartphone BBQ

Smartphone BBQ

Check out how older model Apple, Windows and Android phones fare on the grill.

Hot pants

Hot pants

This guy’s spontaneously combusting phone gets him moving.

Kindle Fire on fire

OK, not technically a smartphone, but they’re asking for this with a tablet name like that.