Products of the week 02.24.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Dell and Solarwinds

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Technopedia VendorData

Product name: Technopedia VendorData

Key features: provides a comprehensive listing of more than 14,000 software and hardware vendors, including contextual information, and automatically populates ServiceNow tables with clean, consistent and current IT vendor data. More info.

NNL S3 Authentication Suite

Product name - NNL S3 Authentication Suite

Pricing  - Nok Nok Labs’ charges for servers on a per user, per year basis. Enterprise prices start at $50 for small deployments and decline with volume, with a typically enterprise paying in the $20 to $30 range.

Key features - provides risk-appropriate authentication capabilities for a wide range of applications. More info.

AccessNow 3.1

Product name: AccessNow 3.1

Key features: The new version of Ericom's browser-based RDP client provides secure and remote access to Windows desktops and applications, delivering an exponential increase in speed and performance for optimal productivity and efficiency. More info.

Rsam Security Risk Intelligence

Product name: Rsam Security Risk Intelligence

Key features: consolidates massive amounts of security operations data to help companies gain insight, identify problem areas, and take action before security incidents occur. More info.

Lastline Enterprise v4.7

Product name: Lastline Enterprise v4.7

Key features: supports on-premise and hosted environments, and deployments running on VMware ESX servers. Solution benefits include: rapid deployment, multi-protocol defense, Android APK analysis, and advanced reporting and value. More info.

Apperian’s Dynamic Policy Engine

Product name: Dynamic Policy Engine

Key features: lets users create and apply custom security and usage policies to the application instantly, without having to re-code or use an SDK to modify the app. More info.

Remote Console Access + Power Control Hybrid with Built-In ATS

Product name: Remote Console Access + Power Control Hybrid with Built-In ATS

Key features: A versatile branch office management solution that provides remote console access, remote power control and power fallback, all in a single, compact 1U device. Also includes Enterprise Management Software. More info.

Economical Remote Switched PDU with Built-In Power Fallback

Product name: Economical Remote Switched PDU with Built-In Power Fallback

Key features: Reboot remote devices or control power switching functions in distant equipment enclosures. Also includes a built-in ATS for power fallback, plus Enterprise Management Software to allow control of multiple units. More info.

Appthority Mobile App Risk Management Service

Product name:  Appthority Mobile App Risk Management Service

Key features:  Appthority now allows IT administrators the flexibility to create and manage mobile app policies by company department, by geography or even by device type - whether company or employee owned. More info. 

Product name: webHVD


  • Standard R2 x64 (64-bit) - requires purchase of 10 seats minimum (+$400/month)
  • Home for Individuals R2 x64 (64-bit) - requires purchase of 1 seat minimum (+$20/month)
  • Home R2 x64 (64-bit) + Office 2010 - requires purchase of 1 seat minimum (+$40/month)

Key features: A clientless web application extension, powered by HTML5, that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or Chromebook endpoints. Provides customers with a turnkey desktop they can provision and start using in minutes. More info.

SolarWinds IP Address Manager

Product name: SolarWinds IP Address Manager

Key features: has added support for ISC DHCP servers and DHCP options to eliminate the growth challenges, wasted time and complexity caused by static spreadsheet management of IP addresses. More info.

InSight Platform

Product name: InSight Platform

Key features: delivering the workflows and capabilities necessary to detect, analyze, and resolve any data event. More info.

AlgoSec Security Management Suite with Vulnerability Integration

Product name: AlgoSec Security Management Suite with Vulnerability Integration

Key features: It enables organizations to understand IT risk in a business context by integrating with QualysGuard Vulnerability Management and displaying vulnerability information with the associated data center applications and their associated physical or virtual servers. More info.

Hosted Private Cloud

Product name: Hosted Private Cloud

Key features: is a turn-key solution that bundles the company’s  OpenStack-based cloud platform and expert support with global hosting, hardware, and networking technology to deliver the security, performance, and economic benefits of a private cloud with the on-demand provisioning of the public cloud. More info.

Compuware APM Real User Monitoring for Mobile & Web Applications

Product: Compuware APM Real User Monitoring for Mobile & Web Applications

Key features: This new version of Compuware APM Real User Monitoring for Mobile and Web Apps delivers the industry’s first end-to-end solution for hybrid mobile applications which use a combination of both native and HTML5 technology. More info.

ViSX OS v5

Product name - ViSX OS v5

Key features - ViSX all-flash SSD application acceleration appliance adds Network File System (NFS) v2, v3 and v4 support (already supports iSCSI), an expanded range of capacity options, and OpenStack support for cloud deployments. More info.

IBM System x3950 X6

Product name: IBM System x3950 X6

Key features: Part of the New IBM X6 architecture, the System x3950 X6 eight-socket system includes the new Intel Xeon Processor E7 v2, industry-first integrated flash storage, modular design, and improved resiliency. More info.

IBM System x3850 X6

Product name: IBM System x3850 X6

Key features: IBM System x3850 X6 four-socket server features the new IBM X6 architecture, Intel Xeon Processor E7 v2 families, and industry-first DIMM-based eXFlash memory-channel storage, allowing applications to perform 100 percent faster. More info.

IBM X6 Architecture

Product name: IBM X6 Architecture (Shown: IBM Flex System x880 X6, IBM System x3950 X6, IBM System x3850 X6)

Key features: IBM has introduced the sixth generation of its enterprise X-Architecture for System x servers, providing industry-leading improvements in the performance and economics of x86-based systems for analytics and cloud. More info.

xMatters On-demand

Product name: xMatters On-demand

Key features: xMatters’ now offers enhanced mobile device support. Features include new inbox with navigation, event searches to save and share reports, group exporting to ensure data quality and mobile app updates. More info.

Fusion ioVDI software

Product name: Fusion ioVDI

Key features: improves persistent VMware View virtual desktop systems by intelligently combining the economies of stateless desktops with powerful server flash acceleration and the manageability of shared storage. Fusion ioVDI software offers Write Vectoring, a patent-pending technology that monitors and directs session-based desktop writes uniquely to server-side flash. More info.

Fraud Detection System with Voice Biometrics

Product name: Fraud Detection System with Voice Biometrics

Key features: Fraud detection on first call, Inbound, outbound, IVR, Phoneprinting call audio analysis including caller location and caller device type, voice biometric caller fingerprint matching, phone reputation analysis, call scoring.

the Tufin Orchestration Suite

Product name: the Tufin Orchestration Suite 

Key features: Version R14-1 extends Tufin’s analytic and orchestration capabilities deeper and wider across the network, ingrains proactive security earlier into change processes and also includes automation that reduces connectivity-related downtime and increases collaboration with other IT stakeholders. More info.

Dell PowerEdge R920

Product name: Dell PowerEdge R920

Key features: Built on Intel’s new E7 processors, the Dell PowerEdge R920 is Dell’s highest performing server to date, designed to handle extremely demanding, mission critical workloads like enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, and in-memory databases. More info.

ArcGIS Geotrigger Service

Product name – ArcGIS Geotrigger Service

Key features – Makes it easier for developers to add location awareness and messaging to iOS and Android apps. Apps can send custom push notifications when users enter/leave specified locations. More info.

TIES for Microsoft CityNext

Product name: TIES for Microsoft CityNext

Key features: helps local and regional governments “tie” together existing and new information resources from public and private systems. Services are accessed out of Microsoft’s secure Windows Azure cloud. More info.

LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform

Product name: LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform

Key features: features the Identity Inference Engine and a powerful new user experience for web and tablet interfaces. LogRhythm 6.2 includes additional scalability, performance and data collection enhancements. More info.

SysAid IT

Product name: SysAid IT

Key features: SysAid is a IT service management platform offering essentials for a service desk, including incident management, request management, problem management, change management and now patch management. More info.

Net Tool Optimizer 7300

Product name: Net Tool Optimizer 7300

Key features: Ixia’s newest network packet broker, the Net Tool Optimizer 7300, is designed to help enterprises and service providers scale visibility into complex networks without the cost of purchasing new monitoring tools. More info.


Product name: Lucera

Key features: provides on-demand, scalable high-performance infrastructure designed to power automated trading. It provides control and flexibility with fixed month-to-month pricing to speed time-to-market, remove capital expense and reduce operational risk. More info.

EndaceDAG™ Data Capture Cards portfolio

Product name: Next Generation EndaceDAG Data Capture Cards Portfolio

Key features: ensures 100 percent packet capture on any network, regardless of packet size, interface type or network load. More info.


Product name: MigrationWiz

Key features: BitTitan’s cloud-based, automated email data migration solution is the first to enable quick and easy archiving of old or dormant Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes to Amazon S3 cloud storage. More info.

Vulnerability Threat Management Platform

Product name: Vulnerability Threat Management Platform

Key features: Risk I/O’s latest vulnerability threat management platform release, with a perimeter scan powered by Qualys and enhanced risk scoring offering a prioritized view of vulnerability and exploit risks. More info.

EarthLink Server and Network Management and Monitoring Infrastructure Services

Product name – EarthLink Server and Network Management and Monitoring Infrastructure Services

Key features – Designed to maximize the availability and performance of IT networks by offloading management of on-premises network devices and servers to provide routine maintenance and resolve associated issues. More info.


Product name – Copy

Pricing – Individual Copy accounts provide 15GB of cloud storage free of charge. Copy Pro plans start at $9.99 per month or $99 per year for up to 250GBs. Companies can purchase Copy in 10-user packs for $79.99/month or $899/year for as much storage as they need.

Key features – The expanded Copy service improves the customer experience with new features and collaborative integrations including added security, updated mobile apps, centralized administration, cloud storage for email inboxes and workflow automation. More info.

Fraud Manager

Product name: Lavastorm Fraud Manager

Key features: now features enhanced reporting and visualization functionality, along with configurable case types to enable CSPs to improve fraud investigation and support revenue assurance, risk management, mediation and more. More info.


Product name: FileConvert

Key features: runs continuously behind the scenes, converting files to PDF in bulk. Scan whole stacks of documents at once. FileConvert will split off the individual files automatically. Auto-save documents to pre-determined locations without lifting a finger. More info.

OptiDriver 100G Muxponder

Product name: OptiDriver 100G Muxponder

Key features: The multifunction OptiDriver 100G muxponder maximizes investment in 10G and 40G infrastructure to empower flexible, cost-effective 100G optical networks for data center and cloud providers. More info.

DxConsole 2014

Product name - DxConsole 2014

Key features - delivers unrivaled Microsoft SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery for business critical applications distributed across physical, virtual and cloud environments, and an up to 10-to-1 reduction in servers. More info.

MyIT 2.0

Product Name: MyIT 2.0

Key features: A self-service app, MyIT 2.0 eliminates forms and tickets, enabling employees to ask for help, get answers, and share information through real-time online messaging, social posts and more. More information here.

AppZone 2.0

Product Name: AppZone 2.0

Key features: A universal app store that gives employees easy access to cloud, mobile, custom and desktop applications; provides the ability to procure, publish, secure and manage apps across the organization. 

More information on AppZone 2.0.

Remedyforce Winter ‘14

Product Name: Remedyforce Winter ‘14 Release

Key features: MyIT 2.0 and AppZone 2.0 are now fully integrated with Remedyforce, providing employees with a compelling front-end experience across on-premise, on-demand and cloud/SaaS versions.

More information on Remedyforce Winter 14 Release.

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