Policy management is becoming more important

* What new report on messaging policy management shows

We have just published a new report on messaging policy management. The study found that while policy considerations are a serious issue for many decision makers, they are less important than issues like storage management given that storage growth, on average, is growing at about 35% per year.

The study also found that while there is virtually no difference between smaller and larger organizations in the context of the seriousness of managing messaging storage, there are significant differences in other areas. For example, larger organizations find that making sure that employees comply with corporate, legal and other policies is a much tougher problem to solve than do smaller organizations (58% report this as a tough or very tough problem to solve vs. 46%). Larger organizations also find that maintaining high availability for their mobile messaging infrastructure is a tougher problem for them to solve (42% vs. 25%). Interestingly, smaller organizations find it more difficult to make sure that corporate data is not lost because employees lose laptops and other mobile devices (46% vs. 57%).

While policy management is not as serious a concern to organizations as other problems today, I believe that it will become a critical issue over the next couple of years, particularly as unified communication systems become more widely deployed and as e-discovery requirements gain a higher profile within most organizations. Because messaging systems represent an enormous threat vector for organizations on a number of levels, establishing corporate policies around security, encryption, appropriate use of messaging, e-discovery issues and other areas will simply become a necessity.

Our study found that only 32% of organizations today have a detailed and thorough e-mail policy, while only 12% of organizations have a detailed and thorough IM policy. Clearly, there is a long way to go.

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