Products of the week 11.04.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Service Mesh and Red Lion

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Pertino AppScape

Product name: Pertino AppScape

Key features: first app store for cloud-based network services. The first available app is GeoView, a real-time network-mapping tool. Future apps: network visibility, security, optimization and more. More info.

Product name – Pegasus2

Pricing – The Pegasus2 R4 4-bay costs $1,499 for 2TB HDD; the Pegasus2 R6 6-bay costs $2,299 for 2TB HDD and $2,999 for 3TB HDD; the Pegasus2 R8 8-bay costs $3,599 for 3TB HDD and $4,599 for 4TB HDD.

Key features – first storage solution with Thunderbolt 2 technology, and it provides fast transfer speeds that dramatically accelerate and simplify 4K workflows. More info.


Product name: SCALAR

Key features: a next generation cloud-based platform for organizing and analyzing complex machine data. More info.

Product name: Honey

Pricing: Free for teams of up to 10 users; $59/month for 11 - 25 users; $119/month for 26 - 50 users; $229/month for 51 - 100 users; custom prices for 100+ users.

Key features: admin analytics dashboard that allows execs to track, measure, export employee engagement metrics, plus a feature that allows sharing select information with external clients, stakeholders. More info.

Agility Platform

Product name: Agility Platform 9.1

Key features: makes it possible for highly regulated global organizations to increase agility and innovation, control IT costs, and drive vendor contestability using a self-service, on-demand IT service delivery model. More info.

Revolution R Enterprise 7

Product name: Revolution R Enterprise 7

Key features: integrating with multiple data management platforms for in-database and in-Hadoop capabilities. More info.

PTP 650

Product name: PTP 650

Key features: Microwave backhaul solution operating in sub-6 GHz frequencies, offering optimal spectral flexibility and throughput (up to 450Mbps). The only radio with a real-time onboard spectrum analyzer – Dynamic Spectrum Optimization. More info.

FireEye NX 900

Product name- FireEye NX 900

Key features - protects remote/branch offices against advanced persistent threats and attacks. It is integrated with FireEye's overall architecture to protect customers from threats across multiple vectors. More info.

OpenBTS Development Kit

Product Name – OpenBTS Development Kit

Key features – Educational and experimental tool – provides ability to deploy small cellular network in minutes. Lowest price cellular development kit available, allows users to test configurations, devices, mobile apps in simulated environment. More info.

Zenoss Service Dynamics: Service Impact

Product Name: Zenoss Service Dynamics: Service Impact

Key features: It extends the scalability and performance of ZSD Service Impact to meet the needs of mid to large customers struggling with accelerating business demands and complexity of modern data center. More info.


Product name: ClustrixDB

Key features: A scale-out database for real-time analytics on live operational data that works across multiple clouds. More info.

The CrowdFlower platform

Product name: CrowdFlower Platform

Pricing: Basic is suitable for individual users and available at no upfront cost with 33% markup on crowdsourced microtasks. Pro is suitable for companies with multiple users at a cost of $2,500 with a 20% markup on crowdsourced microtasks.

Key features: is a crowdsourcing platform designed for large-scale data projects. CrowdFlower lets users crowdsource massive, repetitive jobs to an immense workforce of contributors. More info.

Triumfant 5.0 Product Suite

Product name: Triumfant 5.0 Product Suite

Key features: combines Triumfant’s unique, patented malware detection software with new tools that can accurately track malware functionality operating in the volatile memory of the endpoint machine. More info.

SafeNet ProtectV with Virtual KeySecure on Amazon Web Services

Product name: SafeNet ProtectV with Virtual KeySecure on Amazon Web Services

Key features: encrypts EC2 workloads for Amazon Web Services customers and allows them to maintain full ownership of encryption keys, with no need for on-premise hardware. More info.

WhatsUp Gold 16.2

Product name - WhatsUp Gold 16.2

Key features - New features include integration with wireless network technologies from Meru Networks and Ruckus, Cisco WAP321 wireless access points, and Cisco Nexus data center switches as well as added seed discovery for the IPv6 protocol. More info.


Product name: CylanceV

Key features: is a new cloud and on-premise solution that instantly and mathematically determines what is safe and what is a threat in the broadening “grey list” spectrum of unknown data. More info.

Intralinks VIA

Product name: Intralinks VIA

Key features: improves productivity through greater visibility into and faster access to information. More info.

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