What’s the MPLS Total Customer Experience?

* Defining and measuring TCE

With the rollout of MPLS services well under way, Kubernan is in the midst of defining the Total Customer Experience (TCE) for MPLS customers. The TCE is a method that will be used to quantify the overall importance of and satisfaction with a number of components of evaluating, purchasing, and operating an MPLS network.

While the components of the TCE have been identified, at least as a first iteration, the weighting of each component is currently being researched. From a top-down approach, the TCE consists of five key areas:

1) Current MPLS VPN Experience: This component addresses the performance of the MPLS network to date. Eleven discrete factors are included here, with reliability, security, and mean-time-to-repair among them.

2) MPLS VPN Buying/Evaluation Process: In this component, which is self-explanatory, factors include pricing, technical knowledge of the sales team, and the company’s ability to deliver on commitments.

3) Delivery/Installation of Services: Again, the component is self-explanatory, and the factors include testing prior to turn-up and having a single point of contact.

4) Support: This category focuses on post-sales operational support including timeliness in problem resolution, self-service tools, and the technical knowledge of the service provider’s support staff.

5) Billing: Indeed, MPLS services are not free. Factors in this component include timeliness, problem resolution, and accuracy.

In each category, the research is being conducted to identify both the importance of each factor (for weighting purposes) and the customer’s satisfaction level with each factor. This will allow Kubernan to identify areas where important factors are being satisfied, as well as areas where this is not the case. Additionally, data is being collected from both the supply side and the demand side.

As the study is completed, we’ll be sharing some of the results in this newsletter. In the meantime, you may both participate in the study and receive an early copy of the results by responding to a questionnaire here. Also, please feel free to pass this link along to colleagues.

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