HP turns to Linux for power-saving data center of the future

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HP turns to Linux for power-saving data center of the future - LinuxWorld, 08/08/07: HP's ambition to build the "next-generation data center" depends on Linux and open source, an HP executive said at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Wednesday. "We believe there is a tremendous need for contributions from the open-source community combined with the technology and innovation of companies like HP," said Ann Livermore, executive vice president of the Technology Solutions Group within HP.

The energy efficiency of all servers has become the issue "every customer wants to talk about," she said, and applauded the new functionality added to the Linux kernel that improves energy efficiency by putting Linux systems into low-power states when there's a pause in computing. (read more)

Motorola sees Linux as its mobile mainstay - LinuxWorld, 08/08/07: Motorola Inc. is betting big on Linux for its mobile phones, planning to install the OS on 60 percent of its handsets within two years. The long-awaited follow-up to its sleek Razr phone for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) networks, now on sale in Asia, is based on Linux. The model, called Razr2 V8, will come to the U.S. within two months as Motorola's first Linux phone in this country.

Cell phones traditionally have used proprietary operating systems, fragmented even among one manufacturer's products. Motorola and other vendors have also opened up phone platforms through the Java and Brew software environments. Linux will help to further expand the community of developers for software, which is becoming an increasingly important part of mobile phones, said Christy Wyatt, vice president of ecosystem and market development at Motorola. The company has shipped about 9 million Linux handsets in the past four years and is now extending the OS down from smartphones to midrange handsets such as the Razr2. (read more)

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IT users looking to fill gaps with open source - LinuxWorld, 08/08/07: From cautious corporate onlookers trying to gauge how Linux and open-source software fit into enterprise IT systems to the companies now looking to expand their use of open-source applications, a broad swath of IT users are in San Francisco at the annual LinuxWorld Conference & Expo.

Linux group adds open-source attorneys to team - LinuxWorld, 08/08/07: The Linux Foundation Wednesday revealed that two attorneys well-known in the open-source community will make up the legal team for the group, which is aimed at protecting the interests of Linux in the community.

Oracle opens up latest Linux enhancements - LinuxWorld, 08/08/07: Oracle Corp. is busy at LinuxWorld, Wednesday opening up its latest work with the Linux community to improve the enterprise capabilities of the open-source operating system.

EnterpriseDB releases PostgreSQL distribution - LinuxWorld, 08/07/07: EnterpriseDB has released a new distribution of the PostgreSQL open source database, hoping to expand the use of the software and compete better with MySQL AB.

OSA debuts interoperability prototype - LinuxWorld, 08/07/07: The Open Solutions Alliance (OSA), a consortium of nonprofit vendors, made good on its April promise to deliver a prototype demonstrating interoperability between open source and proprietary business applications in time for LinuxWorld this week.

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Ingres names new CEO, says appliances coming soon - LinuxWorld, 08/08/07: Open-source database vendor Ingres Corp. appointed a new CEO on Wednesday and said its new appliance servers, which are slightly behind schedule, will be available soon.

IBM, Novell strengthen desktop, server ties - LinuxWorld, 08/07/07: IBM and Novell are beefing up their existing partnership on two fronts with Linux distributor Novell increasing support for IBM's Notes desktop collaboration software and its open source WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE).

Indian agency to deploy Linux in schools - LinuxWorld, 08/07/07: The Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu is deploying SUSE Linux Enterprise across 30,000 desktops and 1,880 servers in schools in southern India.

Consumer play: Dell buys Zing, launches Ubuntu - LinuxWorld, 08/07/07: In what could be a new assault on the market for handheld gadgets, Dell has agreed to acquire Zing Systems, a company that makes software for distributing and managing music on mobile devices.

Lenovo and Dell sneak Linux on to new PCs - LinuxWorld, 08/07/07: Open source software has made further inroads into Microsoft's heartland this week as both Lenovo and Dell announced Linux-based PCs.

Lenovo to preload Linux on some Thinkpads - LinuxWorld, 08/07/07: Lenovo Group will begin shipping Thinkpad notebooks preloaded with Linux from Novell in the fourth quarter of this year, the companies announced Monday.

Mobile Linux group gets wider support - LinuxWorld, 08/07/07: A nonprofit organization formed by six of the biggest names in the cell phone business to promote the use of Linux of handsets has gotten wider industry support.

Fujitsu links biometrics with Novell’s eDirectory - LinuxWorld, 08/07/07: Fujitsu targets biometrics at replacing passwords, smart cards, other forms of user authentication.

BLACK HAT - Mozilla says it can patch flaws in 10 days - LinuxWorld, 08/06/07: A Mozilla executive has vowed that his company can patch any critical vulnerability in its software within 10 days, a sign that Mozilla may intend to step up its efforts to improve security.

Centrify strengthens ties to Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac - LinuxWorld, 08/06/07: DirectControl lets more than 100 platforms use Active Directory for their security needs such an authentication, authorization and group policy.

Red Hat's SMB desktop Linux delayed - LinuxWorld, 08/06/07: Red Hat has released more details about its plans for Linux on the desktop, including news of a launch delay.

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