Getting Vista up to speed; NAC pros and cons

* Dr. Internet columnist Steve Blass discusses ways to get Vista up to speed * Network Guardians columnist Zeus Kerravala discusses NAC pros and cons

* Getting Vista up to speed

By Steve Blass

Q: I have a new Windows system and Vista is OK, but it seems slower than my old XP system when I try to move things around the network. Is there something I need to set up or do to get my new Vista system up to speed?

A: Microsoft has released production copies of two Vista updates. One is a performance update and the other is a reliability update. The documentation for the performance update specifically mentions copying and moving large files so installing these updates may improve your Vista experience.

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* NAC pros and cons

By Zeus Kerravala

Q: Before I recommend a NAC implementation at my company, I'd like to know more about what NAC can and can't do.

A:Given all the hype surrounding NAC, it's important to sort through both the capabilities NAC can provide you and the LAN security requirements you have. Different NAC architectures lend themselves to solving different business problems, and ultimately, you need to map your needs to the right architecture.

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As a network architect at Change at Work in Houston, Steve Blass understands the strain of developing and managing networks. Send your problems to Zeus Kerravala manages infrastructure research and consulting at the Yankee Group. Network Guardians is our bi-weekly hand-son security column.
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