Syncing up Exchange calendar with iPhone

I need help getting my Exchange calendar to sync up with my iPhone through my Macintosh using Entourage. I have Entourage on the Macintosh connected to my Exchange account, and everything is working except that calendar items I add to the iPhone do not get placed on the Exchange calendar. A coworker using an iPhone with a PC does not have this problem with Outlook. Can I get the iPhone calendar to populate the Exchange calendar through Entourage or does that only work with PCs and Outlook?

All it takes to configure your system so that calendar items you enter on the iPhone are placed on the Entourage (and then Exchange) calendar is tracking down the right configuration screen and adjusting the settings. You do this in iTunes. Plug your iPhone into the Macintosh using the USB cable provided with the iPhone. If iTunes does not automatically start up and synchronize your iPhone and Mac, then start iTunes. Look in the left-hand iTunes menu for the Devices list item and highlight the entry for your iPhone to bring up the iPhones settings tabs in the main iTunes window. Click on the Info tab in the main window. Scroll down to the Calendar section and make sure the Sync iCal Calendars box is checked. Below that check box is another check box labeled “Put new events created on this iPhone into the calendar” and that is followed by a selection list containing the entries Home, Work and Entourage. Select Entourage. Once that is done the system will pick up new calendar items entered on the iPhone when you synchronize to the Mac and place them in the Entourage calendar, which gets propagated to the Exchange server. Items you entered on the iPhone calendar previously will not get propagated unless you edit them on the iPhone after adjusting the settings through iTunes.

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