Road map no, weather report yes: LF offers guide to kernel's future

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Ask a penguin to see which way Linux wind blows - LinuxWorld, 08/14/07: The nonprofit Linux Foundation has unveiled the Linux Weather Forecast, a Web site aimed at giving people a better sense of the status of specific Linux kernel projects.

The Foundation created the forecast site by teaming up with Jonathan Corbet, a Linux kernel developer and writer, who's also executive editor of the Linux and free software news site.

The forecast, which will be officially announced on Wednesday, is already live and tracks work in the Linux developer community likely to be included in the operating system's kernel and in major distributions of the open-source software, or both. (read more)

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XenSource CEO: Citrix will enhance relationship with and provide alternative to Microsoft, 08/15/07: Citrix acquired XenSource today for $500 million.With the acquisition, Citrix will also acquire the virtualization talent of XenSource, among them CEO Peter Levine. Network World Senior Editor Deni Connor caught up with Levine today and talked about the acquisition and how the combination of Citrix' and XenSource's technologies will benefit customers going forward.

Xandros expands Microsoft deal with Exchange protocols - LinuxWorld, 08/15/07: Linux distributor Xandros Inc. is licensing messaging protocols from Microsoft Corp. as part of an expansion of the partnership the two companies forged in June. Xandros, which offers desktop and server versions of Linux, is acquiring the specification and licenses for Exchange ActiveSync and Outlook-Exchange Transport Protocol so its Scalix Mail Servers can better interoperate with Microsoft clients that now primarily interact with Microsoft's Exchange Server messaging infrastructure.

Rumors heating up that Citrix may snap up XenSource - LinuxWorld, 08/14/07: Investment firms say a Citrix-XenSource union makes sense in the battle to win market share in the virtualization space and complete Citrix’s desktop virtualization platform.

Kernel space: Once upon atime - LinuxWorld, 08/14/07: A new kernel patch would address Linux's number one I/O deficiency.

Linux experts look for lessons from SCO suit - LinuxWorld, 08/14/07: The SCO Group's copyright case may have done little to discourage enterprise Linux use, but the next generation of legal conflicts around open source have only begun, experts said Monday.

Novell doesn't want to be the next SCO - LinuxWorld, 08/14/07: Now that it has scored a major win for Linux in its legal battle with The SCO Group, Novell has no interest in becoming like the company it's just defeated and won't mount any copyright-infringement claims over Unix, a spokesman said Tuesday.

XenSource new release closes gap with VMware - LinuxWorld, 08/13/07: An upgraded version of the XenSource Inc. virtualization hypervisor out Monday closes the features gap with market leader VMware Inc., but a wide market share gap between the two companies remains, an industry analyst says.

SCO Linux lawsuit against Novell court ruling - LinuxWorld, 08/13/07: The SCO Group acknowledged being dealt a significant blow Friday in its lawsuit against Novell, but it indicated that it may not be done fighting yet.

US organization set to vote against Open XML's approval - LinuxWorld, 08/13/07: The U.S. delegate organization to the powerful ISO standards body is now almost sure to vote against approving Microsoft Corp.'s Office Open XML document format as an open standard this year.

LinuxWorld Podcast

Laptops designed for Linux: Matt Domsch, 08/14/07: Now that Dell offers Linux as an option on desktops and notebooks, how does that affect the company's hardware selections? LinuxWorld Conference and Expo speaker Matt Domsch explains how Dell uses vendors' free drivers at to help pick the hardware that goes into the next generation of Dell products. Plus: How well did Michael Dell do with getting his Ubuntu laptop configured and on the company network? And, in honor of the SCO court's decision Friday, a SCO song from hacker/songwriter Steve Savitzky. (11:44)

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