Products of the week 9.23.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Juniper and Rightscale

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

mobilEcho 4.5

Product name: mobilEcho 4.5

Key features: a mobile-file-management (MFM) solution that incorporates free, in-app Office editing for easy and secure file access, creation and editing from any mobile device. Other new features include military-grade certified encryption, SharePoint support, thumbnail previews and client-certificate authentication. More info.

AdRem NetCrunch 7.2

Product name: AdRem NetCrunch 7.2

Key features: Newly released NetCrunch 7.2 for agentless network and systems monitoring comes with automatic monitoring dependencies that help you prevent alert floods and reduce the volume of alerts you receive. More info.

INTELLAFLEX 36-port 1G/10G Time Stamping / Packet Slicing Blade

Product name: INTELLAFLEX 36-port 1G/10G Time Stamping / Packet Slicing Blade

Key features: Provides the most accurate time stamping and highest capacity available, with unprecedented packet-slicing functionality, port density and flexibility. Enables latency measurement and reduces CAPEX and OPEX in financial network operations. More info.

AtTask Documents

Product name: AtTask Documents

Key features:  connects workflow, collaboration, proofing and approvals in the cloud offering enterprise teams a centralized solution for all stages of a document’s life cycle. More info.

Barracuda Firewall X100

Product name – Barracuda Firewall X100
Key features – provides cost-effective next-generation firewall functionality, including 4x GbE copper ports that enable SMBs to avoid tradeoffs between an enterprise-grade firewall and keeping within IT budgets. More info.

Chronus Coach

Product name: Chronus Coach

Key features: is a cloud-based software solution for the development, management, and measurement of enterprise coaching programs, empowering HR executives to deliver an efficient and effective range of coaching programs. More info.


Product name: CloudSigma Hybrid Hosting

1.       Private patching: 1Gig or 10Gig options are free
2.        Network-as-a-Service option: $.05/Gig
3.       Power and space hosting: approx. $2,000/rack with a 20% rebate on cloud spend
Key features: CloudSigma’s hybrid hosting offering gives customers access to colocation space at all CloudSigma locations and private patching to its public cloud. With this, companies are granted the security and elasticity of a seamless hybrid IT environment. More info.

Comindware Tasks for Outlook

Product name: Comindware Tasks for Outlook
Key features: Designed to bring robust business process management functionality into the Outlook environment, Comindware Tasks for Outlook allows users to streamline day-to-day tasks, improve productivity and increase project-based collaboration within Outlook. More info.


Product Name: engajer

Key features: engajer is a sophisticated online platform that communicates complex and rich content in a personal, easily digestible way. By displaying short bite-sized video bursts in an interactive manner, viewers “choose your own pathway of interest” to quickly zero in on the content that interests them most. More info.

ArcGIS Marketplace

Product name – ArcGIS Marketplace

Key features – Provides data from organizations including DigitalGlobe, RapidEye, and AccuWeather, while allowing ArcGIS Online subscribers to search, discover, and get apps and data from qualified providers for use within their organizations. More info.

Sensitive Data Manager 7.0

Product name: Sensitive Data Manager 7.0

Key features: Sensitive Data Manager discovers, classifies and protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI) data, Protected Health Information (PHI) and Intellectual Property. More info.

The Riverbed Stingray and Joyent Content Delivery Cloud (CDC)

Product name: The Riverbed Stingray and Joyent Content Delivery Cloud (CDC)

Key features: The Content Delivery Cloud is a highly flexible, efficient content delivery platform that allows organizations to control of their content delivery and save money. More info.

Juniper Networks Contrail

Product name: Juniper Networks Contrail

Key features: a highly scalable network virtualization and intelligence solution for software-defined networks (SDN) based on proven and stable networking protocols. The new offering enables the creation of highly scalable virtual networks that connect cloud-based applications and services, helping enterprises and service providers increase business agility.

Kaazing WebSocket Gateway 4.0

Product name: Kaazing WebSocket Gateway 4.0

Key features: significantly improves bandwidth utilization by up to five times, decreases latency by up to 50%, and reduces CPU utilization by +25% - bolstering performance and scalability. More info.

Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition 6.0 and Metalogix Email Migrator 1.0

Product name: Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition 6.0 and Metalogix Email Migrator 1.0

Key features: The two solutions operate in tandem to enable dynamically scalable email and file archives that reduce complexity, mitigate risk and improve user productivity, with the necessary flexibility and control to adapt to changing enterprise needs. More info.

N-series Citrix Ready HDX Verified System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Thin Client

Product Name: N-series Citrix Ready HDX Verified System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Thin Client

Key Features: Specific features for the new N-series 1.5.0 firmware include full support for mobility with enterprise-grade security, maximized user productivity, and the ability to quickly leverage the latest Citrix technologies. More info.


Product name: NeatConnect

Key features: a Wi-Fi scanner with touchscreen interface that allows users to scan directly to a cloud service or email items without being tethered to a computer or an intermediate device. More info.

RainStor FastForward

Product name: RainStor FastForward

Key features: allows companies to re-instate data from Teradata tape archives (also known as BAR) and move it to RainStor for fast, flexible query. More info.

Realtime Cloud Storage

Product name: Realtime Cloud Storage

Pricing: starts at $2 / month. There are currently tiers of $15/30/60/month for respectively 25/50/100 read/write operations per second. All plans include 200 GB of storage and 10 million real-time notifications per month.
Key features: a backend-as-a-service (BaaS), offering a high performance no-SQL managed database with real-time synchronisation and infinite scalability for mobile and web applications. More info.

RightScale Network Manager

Product name: RightScale Network Manager

Key features: simplifies network management in the cloud, helps companies improve security and auditing, and makes applications more easily portable across clouds. More info.

Mobile Sales Pro 4.0

Product name: Mobile Sales Pro 4.0

Key features: featured enhanced PowerPoint and video capabilities, whiteboarding and annotation features, and an automated proposal function to improve execution for sales reps. More info.

Scout Playbooks

Product name: Scout Playbooks

Key features: a powerful customer engagement orchestration solution for recurring revenue businesses to lower the cost of revenue retention and growth, by personalizing customer engagement. More info.

Stackdriver Intelligent Monitoring

Product name: Stackdriver Intelligent Monitoring

Key features: is a SaaS application which monitors the performance of an application combined with Stack Scanner, which can automatically detect performance issues like cluster and metric anomalies. More info.

ClearPath Libra 8290 Enterprise Server

Product name: ClearPath Libra 8290 Enterprise Server

Key features: The new top-of-the line ClearPath Libra 8290 boosts performance for mission-critical applications up to 20 percent over predecessors. It is Unisys’ first Intel-based ClearPath system to outperform CMOS-based systems. More info.

Violin Maestro Software Services Suite

Product Name: Violin Maestro Software Services Suite

Key features: a comprehensive suite of Memory Services software for acceleration, tiering, migration and protection of enterprise applications, enabling a seamless transition from disk to a memory-based data center. More info.

XL Release

Product name: XL Release

Key features: allows DevOps to collaborate on application releases – to plan, execute and track both manual and automated tasks from code drop to end-user. More info.

Juju on Windows Azure

Product: Juju on Windows Azure

Key features: Juju now fully supports deploying sophisticated application infrastructure on Ubuntu into Windows Azure, underpinning Ubuntu’s commitment to deliver ease of use and application portability across the most popular cloud providers. More info.

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