Acer to acquire Gateway in $710 million deal; Defunct SunRocket sues Vonage

Acer to acquire Gateway in $710 million deal

Acer plans to acquire Gateway in a deal worth $710 million that Acer says will make it the world's third-largest PC vendor.

Defunct SunRocket sues Vonage over subscriber list

Defunct VoIP service provider SunRocket is suing Vonage, claiming its rival used its subscriber list without paying for it.

The virtues of putting virtualization on a chip

As second-tier server-virtualization vendors embrace hardware assists from Intel and AMD, enterprise customers find good VMware alternatives.

New Yahoo Mail exits beta, rolls out improvements

Yahoo will close an almost two-year public test for its new version of Yahoo Mail on Monday with several new enhancements, as the Sunnyvale, Calif., Internet giant boosts this Webmail service that is key to both its usage and advertising growth.

Hot IT jobs: Systems administrator

Job description: Systems administrators install, upgrade, monitor and maintain software and hardware to keep IT operations running smoothly. They often do data backup and recovery. In small IT departments, they are jacks-of-all-trades.

Intel improves desktop security with vPro upgrade

Intel released an upgrade to its vPro bundle of automated PC management features on Monday, saying the new package delivers better IT security than the original product launched last year.

Google's Blogger fixes bug, adds video uploading

Google's Blogger team this week solved a technical problem with the blog publishing and hosting service and introduced a new feature that gives publishers the ability to upload videos to their sites.

Mobile workforce leaves networks vulnerable, survey says

Security configuration management tools don't always protect the network from malware on infected mobile machines, according to survey of 450 IT leaders.

Live Chat tomorrow

The truth about NAC: Security expert Joel Snyder separates NAC fact from fiction. Live, Tuesday Aug. 28 at 2 p.m. Submit your questions now.


Today at Cisco Subneta tough act to follow. IP routing expert Jeff Doyle explains how to protect your network edge with reverse path forwarding. Channelguy says despite the promises of Chambers and Ballmer to play nice it's likely that their sales reps will still sling FUD. Blogger Michael Morris asks if two diverse LAN ports to every cube is more trouble than it's worth. Plus: Brocade says it's not worried about Cisco anymore.

Cisco's new CFO has

Today on Microsoft SubnetMicrosoft’s bid to get OOXML approved as an ISO standard got a kick in the shin. The Brazilian Technical Standards Organization voted no. The Microsoft and Mitsubishi research departments are creating a way cool, double-sided touch screen, LucidTouch. Stay in touch with Microsoft Subnet editor Julie Bort on Twitter - @microsoftsubnetToday on Layer 8, where we'd like take more than a few of these scammers out behind the woodshed:

It is the way of the world - as soon as some disaster strikes or people are in a bad situation, there’s always some online scam artist there to relieve them of their money. The current mortgage money crisis is no different. The Better Business Bureau is warning U.S. homeowners that it has heard complaints from victims of foreclosure rescue schemes in almost all 50 states.


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