Hype vs. reality in VoIP security

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Hype vs. reality in VoIP security, 01/30/07

VoIP, like many new technologies, suffers from having security as an afterthought. Headlines tell of VoIP vulnerabilities that can lead to eavesdropping, a new form of spam, even denial-of-service attacks that can take down the one communication network that businesses rely on most.

Cache or Carry: Minimizing the video monster on your network, 01/30/07

Like so many things, corporate VoIP has been heralded as the “next big thing” for some time now. And, like so many technology breakthroughs before it, IP video is finally entering many companies through the “back door” – the employee.

Apple, Cisco extend talks on iPhone deal, 02/01/07

Apple and Cisco have pushed back a deadline in their legal battle over the iPhone in order to keep working toward a settlement.

Convergence & VoIP Newsletter: Skype ramps up its offerings for businesses, 01/31/07

Skype announced last week that it is expanding its “Skype for Business” offer. The current Skype for business offer already includes Skype-to-Skype (PC-to-PC calls), video call capability, SkypeOut (allowing callers to place outgoing off-net calls), SkypeIn (allowing off-net callers to reach a Skype subscriber), conference calling, file transfer and chat.


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