Why carriers and businesses need to work together for service delivery

* Customers will rely on carriers for enterprise application delivery

Last time, we talked about why integrating SIP, IMS, and service delivery platforms are important to the carrier; today we’d like to take a closer look at what makes this integration important inside an enterprise IT environment and between the carrier and enterprise networks.

To begin our discussion, we’d like to turn to some excerpts from a report that Jim Metzler, one of our longtime colleagues has written (Jim and Steve co-author Network World’s WAN newsletter). The full report can be found here (PDF).

Among his different conclusions, Jim observes that many applications are increasing being “Webified”, the applications area increasingly accessed away from the “home office,” and that the enterprise adoption of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a natural step in the evolution of the enterprise distributed computing model. He also notes that applications delivery and applications development need to be planned and deployed synergistically, to get the required optimal applications performance.

Our view is that as carriers turn to their own internal SOA and invest in a service delivery platform (SDP) similar to the platforms evolving inside the enterprise network, it makes sense for the carriers and the enterprise to compare notes and to evolve these infrastructures together. While we don’t expect that one organization will dictate all the requirements of the other in this joint development, we do believe it is important for both parties to understand how they can best use the strengths of the other’s SOA and SDP evolution.

Enterprise will increasingly rely on carriers to make sure the enterprise application is delivered optimally to end users who are given “off-net” access, and we encourage IT managers and telco back-office engineers to work together so they can provide the end user the best possible outcome as they both develop and deploy their own SOA.


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