WebEx: What Cisco gets from acquisition; Inside Cisco's $3.2 billion WebEx bet

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WebEx: What Cisco gets from acquisition, 03/16/07

Cisco on Thursday acquired Web conferencing and collaboration service provider WebEx, which has 2.2 million registered users and a 64% market share. While WebEx is best known for its Web conferencing, the vendor has a platform optimized for delivering software-as-a-service, a slate of online office applications and a services development environment. Gary Griffiths, president of WebEx products and operations, told Network World Senior Editor John Fontana just what WebEx brings to Cisco’s growing software stable.

Q&A: Inside Cisco's $3.2 billion WebEx bet, 03/15/07

Cisco's plan to acquire WebEx for $3.2 billion brings the router/switch vendor into a whole new market, and is indicative of the overall direction the company wants to take — towards software, collaboration and services. Ned Hooper, Cisco's vice president of corporate business development, spoke with Network World Senior Editor Phil Hochmuth about the deal, where WebEx fits into Cisco's collaboration strategy, as well as how the deal relates to its overall acquisition strategy going forward.

Cisco buying WebEx for $3.2 billion, 03/15/07

Cisco Thursday announced plans to acquire WebEx for $3.2 billion, giving the network equipment giant a leading position in the hosted collaboration-services market.

Cisco/WebEx: Cisco dresses up for smack-down with Microsoft over unified communications, 03/15/07

With one $3.2 billion acquisition, Cisco has gotten in Microsoft’s face and positioned itself to give the software giant a fight in the battle to supply corporations with unified communications tools from office applications to Web conferencing, experts say.

Analys is: WebEx key to Cisco's transition into applications, 03/15/07

Cisco’s acquisition of WebEx is perhaps its most aggressive move yet – and not the last -- to transition itself from a network hardware vendor to a provider of networked applications and software.

WebEx customers say Cisco acquisition could spur more innovation, 03/15/07

Three executives who use WebEx’s online collaboration services say the financial backing of Cisco, which is set to acquire the company for $3.2 billion, may help WebEx expand an already impressive product line that includes Web conferencing and remote access technologies.

Twisted Pair: That's Billion with a B, 03/16/07

Jason and keith discuss the Cisco/WebEx $3.2 billion acquisition, Viacom suing Google/YouTube for $1 billion, and more.

From Cisco Subnet: Bloggers dissect Cisco/WebEx deal

The blogosphere is abuzz with Cisco's surprise $3.2 billion bid for WebEx, with conferencing rivals, industry analysts and tech observers offering up mostly positive views. Many pundits conclude that Cisco will reap rewards as long as it doesn't screw things up.


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