Google rapidly building data centers; Green data centers save money

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Google building data centers at a quick pace, 04/11/07

Google has announced that it is building new data centers in Lenoir, N.C., and Goose Creek, S.C., each costing $600 million.

Woven Systems looks to trump high-scale 10G Ethernet switches, 04/17/07

Start-up Woven Systems this week is expected to launch its 10G Ethernet data center switch -- a box the company says one-ups the switching power of Cisco, Force10 Networks and Foundy Network 10G gear and matches the low-latency performance of Fibre Channel and Infiniband with lower-cost Ethernet technology.

Sun, Fujitsu and Hitachi freshen server lines, 04/17/07

Sun and Fujitsu are introducing new servers Tuesday that they jointly developed, while another server maker, Hitachi, is unveiling new blade servers.

Marines flex their muscle with SharePoint, 04/11/07

While the Marines have been serving in every conflict since the Revolutionary War, there is one thing they have never had at their disposal – a virtual work environment to keep them connected.

Citrix virtualizes desktops, 04/10/07

Citrix promises to cut the cost of supporting desktops by as much as 40% with its Desktop Server, a data center platform that supports virtual Windows desktops that are accessed from desktops or thin-client machines.

How green data centers save money, 04/10/07

Last summer when Wendy Cebula was shopping for a new vehicle, energy efficiency and lower emissions topped her list of requirements, along with four-wheel drive (her family lives on a hill). Cebula, then CIO at VistaPrint, a $152 million online supplier of custom print services, eventually chose a hybrid model instead of the traditional SUV. Even though she didn't think the incremental savings on gas would make up for the higher sticker price, she says "it was the right thing to do as a human being."

Secret Lurking Security Threats, 04/16/07.

Did you know the Coke machine in the employee lounge could be a security threat? Endpoint security no longer means just the desktops and notebooks, it's a whole range of connected devices and systems. Mark Kadrich (pictured), author of "Endpoint Security", speaks with Keith Shaw about the hidden spots within a company that are vulnerable, and how to create a defense strategy. (12:55) (To download onto your MP3,

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