NAC all-in-one test on the horizon

Network World to test 14 products that tackle NAC authentication, endpoint security, enforcement and management in one box

We’ve provided comprehensive information on ways the available NAC architectures have been outfitted by a host of vendors to provide authorization tactics, end point security measures, enforcement points and management wares that tie all the necessary NAC pieces together.

However, there is more than one way to skin this NAC cat. In fact, there are well over a dozen vendors that offer all-in-one NAC devices that, when placed into an existing network, take on all four NAC processes.

Currently we’ve got 14 of these devices in the lab of Network World Lab Alliance member Mandy Andress and we expect to publish those results in late July. The vendors that have ponied up gear for this test include Bradford Networks, Caymas Systems, CheckPoint, Cisco, Consentry Networks, ForeScout, Juniper, InfoExpress, LockDown Networks, McAfee, StillSecure, Symantec, TrendMicro and Vernier Networks.

Andress is evaluating these products with the same testing tenets outlined for the NAC architecture examination. Details on that testing guideline can be found here.

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