Intro to hackernomics; The Physics of IT

Thompson: Intro to hackernomics, 04/25/07

Legislation, financially driven attackers, and high profile breaches have changed the economics of security. We need to rethink the motivations of attackers and the new attacker economy given a growing stolen identity information trade and the rise of ...

Backspin: The Physics of IT, 04/26/07

Science is how we try to explain the universe and what the guys who do science (usually called “scientists” but you can call them anything you like because most of them are pretty nerdy) really want is a TOE. No, not those things that stop your feet ...

Editorial: OLPC laptop has the right stuff, 04/26/07

Regardless of where you stand on Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child effort, there is no denying the attraction of the product this nonprofit has developed for distribution to needy children around the world.

Dr. Internet: Looking for Windows troubleshooting tool, 04/26/07

I'm looking for a Windows troubleshooting and monitoring tool that would act similar to a firewall at the process level to provide alerts when Dynamic Link Libraries and executable programs are loaded and run. Can you recommend anything?

Gearhead: All at sea with Xcelsius, 04/26/07

You know how sometimes you pick up a product that is just amazing and you can't put it down? Soon the day has zipped past followed by the night and then the next morning and you discover that there's not enough coffee on the planet to keep you awake.

Cool Tools: iPod video projector, 04/26/07

The built-in iPod dock is cool for showing off videos stored on iPods, whether they're music videos, TV shows, movies or video podcasts (such as the Cool Tools Video Show) to a mass audience. The lightweight projector is also easy to carry around.

Johnson: Addressing the challenges in a virtual workplace, 04/24/07

We’ve talked quite a bit recently about the inexorable shift toward the virtual workplace and reviewed the technical requirements for supporting one. Now it’s time to look at the challenges.

Wireless Security: Using PEAP for wireless authentication, 04/23/07

I'm using PEAP in a Microsoft-centric environment as an authentication method for my wireless LAN. What steps should I use to secure my deployment?

Bradner: Undercover (and vulnerable) computers, 04/23/07

It is hardly surprising that few pieces of electronics get built these days without one or more computers hidden inside. What is somewhat surprising is that too many of these computers are directly addressable on your network and are running Web or ...

Nutter's Help Desk: When the printer doesn't print, 04/23/07

An HP deskjet color printer is attached to an NT server on LPT1 and share on a network. It has been working well for sometimes but now, we can no longer print documents from the server console to that printer.

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