NAC for the branch

* Vernier Networks introduces NAC for small and branch offices

Vernier Networks is introducing a new NAC device designed for small and branch offices.

Called the EdgeWall 8100, the device is a fixed-configuration box that is smaller and costs less than the company’s next largest device, the EdgeWall 8800, but has all the same features.

While the 8800 supports up to 4,000 users, the 8100 tops out at 300, which is more inline with the staffing at a branch office.

EdgeWalls are a class of NAC gear that is added to existing networks but doesn’t require upgrading the network infrastructure or reconfiguring network devices.

The Vernier devices include intrusion prevention systems so once a device has been admitted to the network, the equipment keeps an eye on whether its behavior could be a risk to the network or to data security.

The devices also scan endpoints before they gain network access to see whether their configurations meet posture policies set by network security staff. They also monitor what applications are being used with an eye toward blocking those that are not necessary for business such as peer-to-peer applications.

Pre-screening also includes checking the identity of the user and the type of connection being used to access the network, which could influence the amount of access that is granted. EdgeWall can give end users the option to correct whatever shortcomings are discovered by the scan.

The appliance has eight Ethernet ports, that can be configured to include up to four uplinks and seven downlinks. Four of the ports are copper 10/100/1000 Ethernet and for are SFP optical ports.

Edgewall 8100 costs $9,000 and will be available this fall.

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