Database server choices for NetWare

* Revelation isn't the only database server for NetWare

Last week's newsletter highlighting the availability of the Revelation database as a NetWare Loadable Module on just about every version of NetWare prompted longtime reader Joe Whited to remind me that there are also a number of other database servers that run on a NetWare platform.

MySQL is one we've mentioned many times (see, for example, "Single servers running single services in NetWare 6.5"). MySQL Pro is somewhat limited in that it's only supported on the NetWare 6.x platform, but it does have full (paid) support of that platform. There's also a "community edition" (no cost, peer supported) open source licensed version for NetWare 6.5 - MySQL 4.1, 5.0 and 5.1 are all available for NetWare 6.x in a "community edition."

And certainly, I should have mentioned Sybase. Sybase and Novell have been partners for a long time - it's the database used by ZENworks. Both the "SQL Anywhere" (SA) and "Adaptive Server Anywhere" (ASA) products are supported (in different versions) on every NetWare platform from 3.2 through 6.5.

I'm not saying that MySQL running on a NetWare box is going to rival Oracle on IBM as an enterprise database installation. But there are huge numbers of departmental and workgroup database applications that could benefit both in speed of implementation as well as efficiency and speed of operation from having a dedicated platform for their database system. MySQL (community edition) running on NetWare 6.5 (you can roll-out as many servers as you want) on top of last year's model of Intel-based hardware (probably gathering dust in a closet) could be a big plus for your network - better database services for a department, less database traffic on the corporate backbone network. That does sound like win-win to me.

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