Network monitoring tools vendors aim to let tools play together

For those who grumble at the idea of having to purchase yet another security product, go through the trouble of configuring it to work with the existing infrastructure, and hope that it works with future products, vendors in the network content monitoring space are taking steps to make life easier.

In the past month, a few announcements from these vendors show a greater awareness of the security market around them as they work to integrate their products with others, in an effort that could signal pending consolidation in the security market, according to one analyst.

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“At the end of the day, [users are saying] `Do we really want to spend all this extra money on another individual, point solution?” says Trent Henry, senior analyst with the Burton Group. Partnerships that network content monitoring vendors are making with others in the security industry, particularly messaging security and Web filtering companies whose products share some of the same features, could go a long way to make buying decisions easier, Henry says.

“That [integration] is going to be the best of all worlds, providing richer analytics, multiprotocol scanning … and harmonizing policies between product groups,” he says.

Among the recent announcements:

* Reconnex on Oct. 9 announced a certification program for e-mail gateway products to ensure these products work with its content-monitoring offering. To date, e-mail security vendors Barracuda, IronPort, and Sendmail have been certified by the program.

* PortAuthority Technologies on Oct. 9 announced a partnership with end-point security vendor Safend to include PortAuthority’s content-aware, policy-based data leak protection in its end-point security products. The combined product is slated for availability by yearend.

* PortAuthority also announced plans to integrate its information leak-prevention technology with Websense’s content filtering and Web security offering. Websense’s Deep Content Control offering, slated for release during the first half of next year, will include PortAuthority’s information classification and identification technology, officials say.

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