What you need to know about VoIP peering

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What you need to know about VoIP peering, 10/10/06

As companies install VoIP systems, they’re looking for ways to keep more of their voice traffic on IP networks to avoid the toll charges associated with the Public Switched Telephone Network. VoIP peering among carriers promises to make end-to- ...

Why Enum matters to VoIP peering, 10/10/06

Behind the scenes in VoIP peering services is Enum, a protocol that translates telephone numbers to related IP addresses. Most VoIP peering services use Enum databases to connect telephone calls from one VoIP network to another and to keep the traffic ...

VoIP application and management tools debut at convergence confabs, 10/10/06

A broad range of enterprise IP telephony gear, software and management tools for VoIP networks hit trade show floors at two IP telephony conferences this week.

Convergence Newsletter: 'Net neutrality stuck in neutral while triple-play gets going, 10/09/06

In a newsletter last May, we predicted that the issue of regulating 'Net Neutrality would likely be given an "up or down vote" by Congress ...

Wideband audio boosts VoIP quality, 10/06/06

Companies have rapidly deployed VoIP technology to reduce operational costs and increase productivity by integrating telecom services with other enterprise workflows. However, the codecs most widely used today that let speech be transmitted over IP ...

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