Michigan CISO speaks online

* Michigan CISO Dan Lohrmann

The MSIA Program of the School of Graduate Studies at Norwich University has begun a new program. We will periodically invite distinguished guest lecturers to address our graduate students as a supplement to the assigned curriculum of the 18-month-long program.

The lectures will be held via the FreeConferenceCall.com service that allows us to assign a specific phone number for up to 96 participants from the MSIA program. These events are organized by Prof. Peter Stephenson, the associate program director of the MSIA. We will make the edited recordings of these lectures available to everyone as a public service and hope that you will enjoy them.

Our first distinguished guest lecturer was Dan Lohrmann, chief information security officer (CISO) of the State of Michigan, who addressed MSIA students in late September. In his program-wide conference call, Lohrmann addressed a number of questions relating to emergency preparedness and incident response. The 14 MP3 files are as follows:

* Part 1: Dr. Peter Stephenson introduces Dan Lohrmann

* Part 2: Dan Lohrmann's introductory comments and description of PowerPoint file provided to MSIA students.

* [At this point on the menu, there’s a link to “Continuity of Government: Challenges & Solutions in Michigan,” a 21MB narrated PowerPoint lecture (both PPT & PPS available) from Lorhmann that was distributed via our WebCT electronic teaching platform to students of the MSIA in October.]

* Part 3: What keeps you awake at night?

* Part 4: What do you think is the biggest threat from a BCP standpoint?

* Part 5: What have you done to address the potential of a Bird Flu or other pandemic?

* Part 6: What have you and the State of Michigan learned from the federal response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster?

* Part 7: How do you address DoS attacks? When do you involve law enforcement?

* Part 8: Do you see any differences between government and private sectors for BCP?

* Part 9: How have you been able to get management buy-in for BCP & DRP and how have you managed the politics?

* Part 10: Approach to security awareness to maintain budgets?

* Part 11: Greatest impact you can have on improving BCP & DRP at state & national levels?

* Part 12: Translating government efforts into private sector?

* Part 13: VoIP security?

* Part 14: Concluding comments from Stephenson and Lohrmann.

The entire conference call is also available as a single large MP3 file that lasts about an hour in all. It will make an excellent topic for one of your commuting trips or for a brown-bag lunch with a group of interested staff at work.

Sincere thanks to Dan Lohrmann for all the work he put into his presentation and for his kindness in speaking to our students and allowing us to put his thoughts online for the community at large.


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