10 reasons why the NetWare faithful may not be keen on Linux

* A list of reasons that could make you cry in your beer

Today,a few items from the "you have to laugh, because if you don't you'll cry" department.

Years ago I used to read a periodical called "Inside NetWare." It wasn't great, but it was all about my favorite network operating system. But recently I heard from one of this newsletter's readers, who said: "I have just received my monthly copy from elementkjournals of Inside NetWare, except it was called "Microsoft Windows 2003 Solutions." My initial reaction was, 'oh well, they sent it in error' but after reading the covering letter, I was informed that the publication of Inside NetWare had been suspended, due to lack of demand!"

I found that interesting because the same publisher also has a periodical called "Inside Linux Server Administration", but evidently decided that NetWare managers were more likely be interested in Windows servers!

Spring is breaking out in the southern hemisphere right now and the reader known as the "krazy kiwi" was evidently emboldened to wax philosophically about NetWare and Novell. He submits for your erudition, delight (and perhaps as an excuse to cry in your beer) "...some reasons why the NetWare faithful aren't so keen on Linux:"

1. "Novell NetWare is scalable to a network of millions; Linux isn't without considerable adjustments."

2. "Through the 90s Novell stubbornly clung to the concept that a hybrid, preemptive multitasking architecture was less suited to servers than a server-specific, cooperative multitasking architecture. They were right."

3. "NetWare, for all its extensive required training, is elegant: CDROM, MOUNT ALL. In Linux: mount -t auto /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom".

4. "A maxim of business states: it's far cheaper to keep loyal customers than attract new ones. Why are the loyal ones being so ignored?"

5. "NetWare administrators are amongst the most trained in the industry - in both NetWare and Windows. After all that Novell training - how much will Microsoft benefit?"

6. "File and Print: Independent studies show NetWare is about 2x faster than Windows (given opportunistic locking), and Windows is 2x faster than Linux ([fewer than] about 70 users)."

7. "NetWare users did not want to ostracize Linux. Unfortunately we are being ostracized."

8. "The 'exciting new innovations' in Novell SuSE Linux are about 5-years-old for NetWare people."

9. "Yes it's a lot cheaper, and yes that's a great selling point. But mainly, what we really want is 'better.'"

10. "NetWare works very well."

Certainly not everyone will agree with all of these, but - for those in the northern hemisphere - it does give you something to ponder over as winter approaches.

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