Living in the post e-mail world

Tolly: Living in the post e-mail world, 12/01/06

I give up. After almost two decades of e-mail being my quintessential business tool for managing people, projects and processes, I have to admit that it no longer is up to the job. It is time for me to deal with the fact that we are living in a post e-mail...

Face-off: Is image-based spam a nightmare facing enterprise networks? 11/30/06

There are commercial solutions to combat this image-spam nightmare, but much of the enterprise market and most e-mail users worldwide are not yet protected.

'Net Buzz: 'Gates for president' bandwagon picks up, 12/01/06

Cartoonist Scott Adams started this with a post on The Dilbert Blog that suggested there isn't anything wrong with this country that President Bill Gates couldn't cure.

Nolle: Can T-Mobile launch an FMC arms race? 11/30/06

Fixed-mobile convergence has always been seen in the United States as one of the pawns in the game of RBOCs vs. cable companies. Now T-Mobile is taking an early FMC position that may cause both RBOCs and cable companies to jump-start their own efforts.

Johnson: Structuring your telecom sales strategy, 12/01/06

Techies usually hate dealing with sales folk, because we seem to come from different worlds. Engineering is about honesty: Either that bridge will hold or it won't. Sales is about deceit (or so we geeks assume): Lie to the customer and cash the ...

Editorial: Managing the virtual world, 12/01/06

CA earlier this week became the latest management vendor to roll out tools to manage virtual server environments, joining BMC Software, IBM/Tivoli, Opsware and others rushing to fill this important need.

Bradner: Copyright law: tiny changes, 12/01/06

Every three years the U.S. Copyright Office gets a chance to fix some of the universe of bad things about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Just like the last two times, the Copyright Office has labored mightily and birthed a mouse where an ...

Cool Tools: New Treo smart phone delivers, 11/30/06

The scoop: Treo 680, by Palm and Cingular, about $200 (plus monthly service and two-year agreement).

Kaplan: On-demand services set to take off in 2007, 11/30/06

IT is increasingly becoming a commodity, which many organizations are still unable to use fully. As a result, in 2007 more companies will turn to on-demand alternatives, which will disrupt the IT industry fundamentally.

Dr. Internet: Free open source transfer clients? 12/01/06

Are there any free open source Secure Shell and Secure File Transfer Protocol clients that provide a drag-and-drop interface for remote file transfer and have a license that allows commercial use?

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