MySpace worm uses QuickTime for exploit

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MySpace worm uses QuickTime for exploit, 12/04/06

The social-networking site is under what one computer security analyst calls an "amazingly virulent" attack caused by a worm that steals log-in credentials and spreads spam that promotes adware sites.he social networking site ...

Disposable e-mail addresses foil marketing plans, 12/04/06

When you want to download something, for example an application from a Web site, nine times out of 10 you are asked for your e-mail address. While a ...

Face-Off: Image-based spam is a nightmare facing enterprise networks, 11/30/06

There are commercial solutions to combat this image-spam nightmare, but much of the enterprise market and most e-mail users worldwide are not yet protected.

Face-Off: Image-based spam is not a nightmare facing enterprise networks, 11/30/06

Because image-spam messages tend to be larger than traditional spam, more network and disk use must be devoted to them. This is alarming, but there is no reason to be overly concerned by the image-spam threat if you have the correct reactive ...


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