Trade shows worth leaving the country for

Germany's CeBIT is around corner, but you'll have to wait until 2009 for next big ITU meeting

There are plenty of good reasons to attend some of the many international shows that take place outside of the United States. If your organization is a large multinational, or even a smaller company with some significant presence beyond our borders, it’s important to keep up with the technology, regulations and trends in those locales. Here are a few of the big events that cater to an international crowd:

CeBIT Hannover

Germany, March 15 – 21

CeBIT falls squarely into the monster show category — 2006’s event logged 434,000 attendees. Stretched over more than 25 exhibition halls set against the grey Northern Germany sky, the event attracts exhibitors from 70-plus countries showing wares that range from consumer electronics to enterprise IT to telecom gear. This event, which in 1984 broke out from a larger industrial event, has it all — if you can find it.

ITU Telecom World

Geneva, Switzerland, Oct. 5 – 9, 2009

Just when you thought a trade show couldn’t get bigger than CeBIT, along comes Telecom. Organized by the International Telecommunications Union, this monster event attracts every big name in telecom from dozens of countries. A number of regional versions of the event are held every year, but after the event earlier this month in Hong Kong another global one won't be held until 2009.


Taipei, Taiwan, June 5 – 9

Billed as the biggest trade show in Asia, Computex is heading into its 27th year. The 2006 event had 130,000 attendees. The show attracts exhibitors from all over the globe, but is dominated by Asian vendors. This year’s event showcased pavilions focused on key technologies including WiMAX, security, IP telecom, network storage and “CarTronics.”

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