Using a USB wireless adapter to solve connection woes

Can you use an Ethernet and USB connections at the same time?

I have Roadrunner service and use a Motorola cable modem, which has an Ethernet plug and a small, roundish plug that has a USB plug on the other end. I bought a D-Link wireless router that works fine through the Ethernet cable, but I can't get Connection speeds on my laptop are intermittent and very slow, even though I have rebooted both routers several times and reinstalled my wireless laptop drivers. I would like to use the desktop to control my HP printer. Any thoughts?

Check your cable modem manual. I don't think you can use the Ethernet and USB connections at the same time.

Having both connections plugged in also may explain your intermittent wireless router connectivity. If your wireless router doesn't have an extra Ethernet port, then the simplest way to connect the desktop to the network may be to use a USB wireless network adapter.

These adapters, which are about the size of a USB memory stick or thumb drive, typically are less expensive than an additional Ethernet hub, and easier to install and configure.

Once your desktop is on the network, you should be able to share your printer with your laptop from the desktop through the usual printer-sharing options in the control panel or systems preferences dialog.

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