The 7 best practices for network security in 2007

Hire me: An open letter to Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg, 01/19/07

My name is Bill Baker and I am writing this letter in an attempt to get an executive position with Verizon as your directly reporting subordinate.

The 7 best practices for network security in 2007, 01/17/07

Gary Miliefsky's seven strategic best practices for network security, including rolling out security policies, deploying corporate-wide encryption, tracking assets and performing self-assesments.

Google Earth and 'collateral damage', 01/19/07

Sooner or later, Google is going to have to start doing a better job of coming to grips with the collateral damage created by the ever-expanding array of whiz-bang applications that have made it a worldwide phenomenon.

We live in a beta world, 01/19/07

George Lucas has been quoted as saying that "A movie is never finished, only abandoned." This is actually a profound insight.

CES products galore, 01/19/07

Here's a bunch of post-CES announcements that we found after returning from our long Las Vegas sojourn:

The growing threat of collateral hacking, 01/18/07

A small, family-owned hardware store sits on the main street of a quiet town in rural Michigan. From a hacking perspective, this store doesn't even warrant a blip on a digital thug's radar.

Siemens: Sun never sets on white-collar crime, 01/18/07

Perhaps cynicism was what you felt when you read that Siemens management had uncovered more than $500 million in "suspicious transactions" -- all related to seven years of winning contracts in the wireline world.

Planning for innovation can be a challenge, 01/18/07

One of the toughest challenges facing IT executives is how to plan for technology that hasn’t been invented yet. Companies generally stress the need for IT to think more like a business, which means crafting long-term strategic plans demonstrating how ...

Using a USB wireless adapter to solve connection woes, 01/18/07

Can you use an Ethernet and USB connections at the same time?

Not as good as a book, 01/18/07

When we started discussing the Sony Reader last week we described it as a slick piece of hardware and outlined its fabulous display technology from E Ink. This week we'll look at the rest of the system.

IEEE anoints tech winners, losers, 01/18/07

It's the season for looking forward and back, and the IEEE's Spectrum magazine is in the middle of the fray with its annual issue of tech winners and losers. What makes Spectrum's efforts worth noting is the nature of the organization it serves: the ...

Bradner: Wikileaks: a site for exposure, 01/17/07

A new Web site has popped up that has the potential to represent the best of the Internet — from the point of view of concerned citizens — and the worst of the Internet — from the point of view of almost all governments.

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