House defeats 'Net neutrality provision

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House defeats 'Net neutrality provision, 06/09/06

The U.S. House of Representatives has defeated a provision to require U.S. broadband providers to offer the same speed of service to competitors that's available to partners, a major defeat to a coalition of online companies and consumer groups.

Opinion: Tax-happy feds should simply quit meddling, 06/12/06

Instead of taxing VoIP providers right along with traditional telcos, how about scrapping the entire dysfunctional Universal Services Fund in the first place? If need be, we can build out some flavor of telecom subsidy that actually works - but the ...

Q&A: Nortel chief strategy officer discusses company's ambitions, 06/07/06

Three months ago, Nortel tapped George Riedel, Juniper's strategy and business development chief, as its own chief strategy officer. It's Riedel's responsibility to establish the partnerships and investments that will deliver on CEO Mike Zafirovski's ...

WAN Newsletter: Optical network keeps hospital's disaster recovery strategy running, 06/08/06

Last time, we discussed the adoption of optical networking within enterprises, and in particular, the use of dark fiber by the New York ...

AT&T going 40G, 06/07/06

AT&T plans to begin upgrading its global MPLS backbone to 40Gbps OC-768 speeds this summer.

Global Crossing rolls out service enhancements and network upgrades, 06/07/06

This week Global Crossing made a handful of announcements including enhancements to its IP VPN, VoIP services and upgrades to its MPLS backbone.

Next-gen nets to stir telecom market, 06/07/06

Next generation networks (NGN) will have a radical impact on the telecom market especially when it comes to pricing strategies, according to a new report from Ovum.

Nortel, Huawei end broadband venture, 06/07/06

Add “ultra” broadband access to the list of product programs Nortel has killed.

Competitors ask FCC to block AT&T, BellSouth merger, 06/06/06

A group of competitive telecommunications service providers Tuesday said they have urged the FCC to deny the proposed merger of AT&T and BellSouth.

Nortel makes metro Ethernet smarter, 06/06/06

Nortel moved to beef up metro Ethernet networks at the Globalcomm carrier-equipment show in Chicago on Tuesday, rolling out a recently developed technology designed to make them more predictable and scalable.

WAN Newsletter: Hospital drops its service provider in favor of building its own optical network, 06/06/06

For years service providers have been using optical networking as the cornerstone of their long-distance networks. However, until ...

Nortel reports flat revenue in Q1, 06/06/06

Nortel's revenue in the first quarter was flat compared with last year's first quarter, and its losses grew wider, but the storm-tossed company is back on schedule in reporting its financial results.

Devices speed CIFS WAN traffic, 06/05/06

Common Internet File System is a remote file access protocol that forms the basis for Windows file sharing. CIFS performs poorly over high-latency WAN links because it's chatty, meaning a large number of back-and-forth transactions are required to complete a request.

Juniper, Microsoft partner for secure IPTV, 06/05/06

Juniper and Microsoft used this week’s GlobalComm 2006 conference to announce an agreement to deliver security systems for IPTV.

Broadband buyers turning over the reins to MSPs, 06/05/06

Companies purchasing broadband Internet access for branch and home offices increasingly are turning to service providers rather than trying to manage DSL or cable connections themselves.

Technology Executive Newsletter: Critical questions for your hosted service provider, 06/05/06

It's becoming more and more common for small and midsized companies - those with a thousand or fewer employees - to outsource common IT ...

BellSouth offers managed security, 06/05/06

At GlobalComm 2006 this week, BellSouth announced that it is now offering managed security services.

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