Microsoft creates customer interoperability council

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Microsoft creates customer interoperability council, 06/14/06

Microsoft, long criticized for technically isolating its products to squeeze out competitors, Wednesday announced the formation of a group of its own executives and outside IT professionals to discuss interoperability issues.

Exploits for Microsoft flaws circulating, 06/14/06

Security firms are warning about the availability of attack code targeting some of the flaws for which Microsoft released patches Tuesday.

Microsoft leaves 98 to the hackers, 06/14/06

Microsoft has defended its decision not to patch a critical security flaw in Windows 98.

Convergence Newsletter: Video will outpace data traffic on metro nets by the end of 2010, 06/14/06

At Globalcomm last week, Christine Heckart, Microsoft vice president of IPTV marketing shared some interesting perspectives that may ...

Tools emerging to align developers with IT's identity infrastructure efforts, 06/13/06

The tools needed to help ease the task of integrating corporate identity management systems and applications are finally starting to emerge and will represent the next big breakthrough in the technology, according to research firm the Burton Group.

Microsoft gets chatty with new Webcams, 06/13/06

Microsoft Tuesday is expected to announce two videoconferencing Webcams that simplify online video chat and can create photo blog entries on Microsoft's MSN Spaces community site.

Microsoft releases fixes for 21 vulnerabilities, 06/13/06

In one of the largest security updates since moving to a monthly patch release cycle, Microsoft Tuesday issued 12 bulletins detailing fixes for 21 separate vulnerabilities in a wide range of products.

Q&A: Microsoft security chief sees new vistas, 06/13/06

Ben Fathi knows a thing or two about security. He spent the first half of his 24-year career working as an operating system developer, before moving to management. Before being named head of Microsoft's security group, he was the executive responsible ...

Malware found on about 1 in 300 PCs: Microsoft, 06/12/06

Microsoft is set to release research on Monday showing, among other things, that its security tools find malicious software about one in every 311 times it scans a PC.

Review: Configuresoft ECM found easiest to use, 06/12/06

Overall, ECM was the easiest to use. We had some early problems finding Linux systems and running initial system data collection, but customer support was responsive, and after we received a software update, everything worked fine.

Ozzie opens TechEd with focus on blending IT, online services, 06/12/06

Microsoft plans to incorporate online services into its lineup of client and server software as one option for delivering technology to corporate users.

Microsoft’s client identity technology now Windows CardSpace, 06/12/06

Microsoft Monday unveiled Windows CardSpace, a user-centric identity technology that was formerly called InfoCard.

Dynamics NAV first Microsoft business app on Vista, 06/12/06

Microsoft's Dynamics NAV 5.0 will be the first of the vendor's ERP (enterprise resource planning) applications to run on its upcoming Windows Vista operating system come 2007, Microsoft executives said Monday.

Azaleos to offer managed e-mail on a blade, 06/12/06

E-mail management provider Azaleos this week will introduce Blade-mail, a highly available, remotely managed Microsoft Exchange appliance running on IBM blade servers.

TechEd to showcase Microsoft's future, 06/12/06

With new versions of its flagship products still entrenched in development, Microsoft opens its annual TechEd conference this week with a focus on selling IT on the benefits of migrating to the new software.

TCO and the PC upgrade problem, 06/12/06

While the corporate world still remains married to Windows at the desktop, Linux vendors are making efforts to start cracking this market. The vendors have acknowledged that working with Linux distributions generally require more "under the hood" type ...

The pros and cons of NAC, 06/12/06

I'm enthusiastic about NAC, but I'd like to devote some time to the devil's advocate view of the technology. Specifically, NAC has five major failings.

Microsoft OneCare could be the undoing of computing, 06/12/06

Microsoft is once again constricting user choice by sheer marketing force, and when the ecology is reduced innovation will suffer. Add to that the potential danger of digital pandemics from viruses and hackers increasing by orders of magnitude and ...

Opinion: Microsoft vs. Cisco: The new clash of the titans, 06/12/06

A few years ago I suggested to both Cisco CEO John Chambers and Bill Gates that the day was coming when their companies would be competing against each other. Each replied that I once again had my head up my rear, that they had nothing but respect for ...

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