Futuristic optical system tackles image processing

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Futuristic optical system tackles image processing, 06/15/06

A team of researchers led by the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of California at San Diego are creating an IP-based computing system for scientists who need to visualize and analyze massive amounts of data stored in multiple ...

Verizon ups business DSL speed in 16 states, 06/19/06

Verizon Online has expanded its two highest-capacity business DSL packages to 16 more states, increasing to 28 the number of states where it offers 7.1Mbps service, as well as the District of Columbia.

Broadband usage continues to climb, 06/15/06

Broadband usage is expected to nearly double by 2010, according to a new report by IDC. The consulting firm says that at the end of 2005 there were 205 broadband users around the world. That number is expected to jump to 400 million by 2010.

WAN Newsletter: Virtual management: Moving up the OSI stack, 06/15/06

In the last newsletter, we discussed the move from "real" to "virtual" networks, concentrating more at the lower levels of the OSI stack. In ...

Internet2 selects backbone provider for its new network, 06/15/06

Internet2 Thursday named Level 3 as its new network provider that will build its future backbone to support 10 times more capacity than the current network.

Companies buying outdated, overpriced networks, expert says, 06/14/06

Most U.S. businesses are designing their networks based on outdated assumptions, resulting in expensive purchases of unnecessary services and ...

Another suit filed against Vonage over IPO, 06/13/06

Vonage's legal troubles to continue to mount, as attorneys filed another suit against the VoIP company regarding its IPO last month.

Covad, Nextlink partner, 06/13/06

Nextlink Wireless and Covad this week announced a partnership to enable Covad to deploy higher-speed wireless Ethernet services nationally using Nextlink’s licensed spectrum.

Competitors ask FCC to block AT&T, BellSouth merger, 06/12/06

A group of competitive telecommunications service providers Tuesday said they have urged the FCC to deny the proposed merger of AT&T and BellSouth.

House rejects 'Net neutrality, passes telecom reform bill, 06/12/06

The House of Representatives has defeated a provision to require U.S. broadband providers to offer the same speed of service to competitors that's available to partners, a major defeat to a coalition of online companies and consumer groups.

Opinion: Tax-happy feds should simply quit meddling, 06/12/06

Instead of taxing VoIP providers right along with traditional telcos, how about scrapping the entire dysfunctional Universal Services Fund in the first place? If need be, we can build out some flavor of telecom subsidy that actually works - but the ...

'Net neutrality debate sets out a false choice, 06/12/06

'Net neutrality unfortunately has become a proposal for new regulations on the Internet. The success of the Internet comes from letting the market work with minimal regulation.

Vendors sync up IP wiretapping tools, 06/12/06

Two software vendors have made their IP wiretapping tools for carriers and law-enforcement agencies work together.

U.S. government approves merger of Lucent and Alcatel, 06/09/06

U.S. government regulators have approved the planned merger of telecommunications giants Lucent and Alcatel.

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