NetApp targets storage for high-performance computing

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NetApp targets storage for high-performance computing, 06/15/06

Network Appliance Monday introduced a new operating system to power its storage for high-performance Linux computing clusters in large-scale computational systems.

Start-up eyes open source Web services, 06/15/06

With an open source middleware platform designed for Web services, a start-up launched by former IBM executives promises easier deployment and management of service-oriented architectures.

Motorola, others to launch mobile Linux group, 06/15/06

A group of top mobile phone makers and operators said Thursday they are launching a foundation to create an open Linux-based software platform for mobile devices.

E-mail from MySQL includes 9,300 customers addresses, 06/15/06

An improperly composed mass e-mail sent Thursday by open source database vendor MySQL erroneously included some 9,300 customer e-mail addresses in the body of the note, not the information about a series of summer support specials the company meant to announce.

DocuSign outsources development to India's Aditi, 06/14/06

Electronic signature service provider DocuSign has outsourced product development to Aditi Technologies in Bangalore, India, according to an executive of DocuSign in Seattle, Wash.

IBM to open source more WSDM code, 06/14/06

IBM is contributing more code to the open source community based on the Web services distributed management standard, the vendor said Wednesday.

JBoss to start open sourcing systems management agent, 06/13/06

JBoss is opening up its Operations Network agent technology to developers in a bid to drive standards in open source systems management, the middleware vendor is due to announce Tuesday.

Novell funds open source Bandit, 06/13/06

Novell has launched an ambitious open source identity management project, which aims to allow companies to integrate different identity systems and provide a consistent approach to securing and managing identity.

Tools emerging to align developers with IT's identity infrastructure efforts, 06/13/06

The tools needed to help ease the task of integrating corporate identity management systems and applications are finally starting to emerge and will represent the next big breakthrough in the technology, according to research firm the Burton Group.

Oracle unveils Linux system recommendations, 06/12/06

To lower support costs and make customers feel more comfortable with open-source software, Oracle announced a new program Monday to let its users know which Linux system configurations the vendor has pretested.

Nortel pitches VoIP, other gear to SMBs, 06/12/06

Nortel says it means business - small business - with the launch this week of VoIP, Ethernet, WAN and wireless LAN gear targeting companies with five to 250 users.

Intel advances 'Tulsa' server chip release, 06/12/06

Intel has moved up the release of its 'Tulsa' server chip, one of its next generation multicore line of chips.

Test: Compliance tests uncover several missing features, 06/12/06

Throughout this test process, we noted several features missing that we feel should be included in any enterprise audit and compliance product.

Test: New Boundary Policy Commander best suited for SMBs, 06/12/06

New Boundary's Policy Commander is not at the same level as the other products we tested. This product is best suited for small to midsize companies that run only Windows servers and desktops.

Test: Altiris takes unique approach to client system connectivity, 06/12/06

Altiris (formerly Pedestal Software) has a unique approach to client system connectivity. Altiris's SecurityExpressions is the only product tested that provides ...

Test: Elemental Security excels at finding hosts on the network, 06/12/06

Elemental offers some very interesting technology, some of which - network access control and inventory management - fell outside the scope of this test.

Test: Configuresoft ECM found easiest to use, 06/12/06

The compliance functionality offered by Configuresoft is a freely available module for its Enterprise Configuration Manager (ECM) platform. Overall, ECM was the easiest to use.

NetIQ suite tops test of security compliance wares, 06/12/06

With the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Bliley legislation becoming common terms, mandated security and privacy measures are now ...

Test: Preventsys offers twist on compliance, 06/12/06

Collecting bits of compliance data from disparate products is the problem that Preventsys' Security Risk Management System addresses. Preventsys was purchased by McAfee last week.

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