Steering 802.11n between the icebergs

Brodsky: Steering 802.11n between the icebergs, 06/26/06

The draft 802.11n standard for next-generation wireless LANs failed to garner the 75% of votes required for adoption at last month's Task Group N meeting. This was expected. Many diverse companies have a stake in this standard, and it would have been ...

Editorial: Key to innovation, 06/26/06

Cisco CEO John Chambers recently identified collaboration as a business driver for the next 10 years, and participants in IBM's 2006 CEO survey concur.

Musthaler: Skilled-worker shortage: fact or fiction? 06/26/06

For several years we've been reading news stories about the impending shortage of skilled IT workers. The predictions have been fairly dire: As baby boomers retire and fewer young people join the IT workforce, hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs will ...

Johnson: The R&D funding crisis, 06/26/06

Innovation is the lifeblood of the future economy, which is why government investment is so critical. Hats off to the folks at the NSF. And let's hope they're ready to run another rescue mission: saving U.S. R&D investment.

Dr. Internet: How do I get Bugzilla up and running? 06/26/06

We want to install our own bug-tracking system. What does it take to get Bugzilla up and running?

Tolly: LAN switches: What Dell did right, 06/26/06

I feel sorry for Dell. Not just Michael Dell, but the whole lot of them. I never thought I'd say this, but it is difficult not to have that reaction when you see the relentless hammering that Dell is getting in the financial and business press of late.

Backspin: The layers of network hell, 06/26/06

Brothers and sisters! We are in Internet hell, and I, the Rev. Dr. Mark Gibbs (let me hear you say, "Howdy, Rev!"), am here to show you the way to salvation!

Gearhead: Real tools for real geeks, 06/26/06

Tools are a big deal here at the Gearhead Underground Test Bunker and Sausage Factory. ... When we write "tools" we mean, not just software tools but real tools, because when it comes to moving equipment or data centers, having the right tools is the ...

'Net Buzz: Dot-com cops ICANN, VeriSign still asleep on the beat, 06/26/06

Someone ought to be hopping-up-and-down mad about this "domain-kiting" nonsense - someone other than GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons, who has done his fair share of hopping.

Bradner: Are VoIP and CALEA incompatible? 06/26/06

A new report shows it may be nearly impossible to implement comprehensive wiretapping of VoIP without reengineering and rebuilding most of the United States' Internet. Not only would such reengineering be extremely costly, it would also relegate the ...

Nutter's Help Desk: Protecting roaming users, 06/26/06

It seems like more and more of the employees in our company are travelling with laptops that have wireless capability. Management has expressed a concern of charges they are seeing from some of the hotels that we use on a regular basis for internet ...

Cool Tools: A mouse that talks, 06/26/06

MouseTalk, a USB mouse, can become a Skype-certified handset (or other VoIP software application).

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